How do you appropriately organize a vast book library?

I have a large book library of basically one genre: Star Trek Books. In most cases these books are one shot books that should basically be categorized as "Star Trek - (Name of Book Goes Here)" when using cataloging software. But I have a bit of a conundrum: some of these stories are spread out over multiple books hence having the general "Star Trek", then a Sub title to that, then a Sub heading and book number. And because of that, I'm not sure if it should be categorized as follows:

ex. 1: Title - Subtitle: Sub Heading (book number)

i.e.: "Star Trek - Destiny: Gods of Night (Book 1)


ex. 2: Title - Subtitle (book number): Sub heading

i.e.: "Star Trek - Destiny (Book 1): Gods of Night


ex. 3: Title - Subtitle, book number: sub heading

i.e.: "Star Trek - Destiny, Book 1: Gods of Night"

The reason I'm asking this very detailed question is because I want the books to be easily searchable within my iPhone's eBook reader. let's pretend for a second that I can't add a sorting algorithm that allows me to change the way it's sorted from the title (like you can do in iTunes, having it display the way you want it to look, but giving it a basic sorting order hidden behind the scenes).

I'd like to know, as per library science or Library of Congress/Dewey Decimal, what the proper way to order them would be while still retaining the most info (as I know when searching by ISBN, sometimes the first book in the series isn't labeled as "book 1").

Thanks in advance.


Remember that this needs to be searchable by a database. There are some that I prefer, but if a computer can't parse it correctly, I can't use it.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ex. 1: Title - Subtitle: Sub Heading (book number)

    i.e.: "Star Trek - Destiny: Gods of Night (Book1)

    this is less compiscated and sounds simple so more people will be able to fnd what they're loooking for quickker ^^

  • 3 years ago

    If the books are on your bookshelf, you are able to easily do it alphabetically by skill of identify. you may additionally team them by skill of concern and then bypass alphabetically- math, letters, technology. you may additionally cope with holiday and seasonal books interior the order you will use them throughout the 12 months- commencing with September for fall books, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then iciness, then Christmas/Hanuakkah, and so on. If those are books that the youngsters gets admission to, get your self some e book boxes (small plastic baskets from the greenback shop will artwork, as will the basins you get on the scientific institution, or you ought to purchase sturdy e book boxes from a great form of academic furnish catalogs). Then, team the books by skill of subject count- books approximately dinosaurs, books approximately firefighters, Clifford books, and so on. and instruct the youngsters a thank you to study books by skill of in simple terms utilising one e book container at a time. That way the books stay prepared, and you may thumb by in simple terms some books to discover the single you like. sturdy good fortune!

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