TH Family: Christmas + Adam Lambert questions?

I was just wondering if any of you guys are asking for any TH goodies for Christmas? =D Or anything else for the matter? It doesnt have to do with TH. Cos my mum asked me the other day what I wanted and I have no idea.. so I was wondering if I could steal some of your guys ideas =)

Poll: If you could give one xmas gift to each member of TH, what would you give to them?

OH and another thing,did you guys see this thing about Adam Lambert's new song was produced by the same people who produced Humanoid, and people think the song didnt make the cut for the album so they gave it to Adam?

What do you think of this?

(sorry if something about this has already being asked, cos ive being away for over a week, lol. So if it has can someone give me the link to any questions asked about it? thanks)


@ Humanoid 483: Yeah.. the hoodies awesome =)

@ Strawberry Smoothie ♥ TokioHotel: YES I have seen the shirt.. I love it =]

Im talking about the ‘Master Plan’ song.

@ - ιитєиsє - JαиєDσє. : Haha you made me lol so much… I have this funny image of Georg just like sitting in the corner playing with a leap frog toy XD

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  • shabo
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    1 decade ago
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    Hmm, well I haven't really thought of what I want but I will defenitly ask for something Tokio Hotel related! They have some new merchandise, I think. :D

    I want one of the t-shirts on their website! Especially the white shirt with Bill jumping and holding a mic, have you seen it?! I also want a Tokio Hotel necklace, since I just discovered they had them. O_O

    And of course other things such as shoes, clothes, an ipod touch, accessories (i'm the biggest necklace fanatic), and other stuff. And I'm starting to like Lady Gaga so maybe her new album: Fame Monster. :D

    Woahh, that's crazy news!

    You're talking about that Entertainment song righht?

    I think it would sound better if Bill sung it because Adam Lambert just makes it sound more sexual than needed. :p

    (sorry to any Adam fans!)

    I thought his performance at the AMA's was just a tad bit......weird and horny. :D

    It sounds kinndaaaaaa like Humanoid..not really though. :S

    Poll: Can I just give them all a giant kiss+hug? :D

    That would be too selfish of me though! :p

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  • Judith
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    4 years ago

    It's funny how almost everyone who answered here is a HUGE Tokio Hotel fan & has Bill as their profile picture .. Anyhow, no, i don't think Adam is copying Bill . Adam is 27, he's been doing his style and personality for a while now, and while he may be INSPIRED by Bill and he may think he's pretty (trust me, i do too), he's not COPYING him . They are both insanely talented, both are 100% original, and if i had to choose i honestly couldn't, but it gets annoying when die hard TH fans say Adam is copying Bill . Why can't they just have Similar styles ? Sure, they might of worn a similar outfit ONCE, those things do happen, why is it that when we see other people doing it they don't immediatly get accused of copying ? If it gets down to things, Bill could be copying Boy George .. or maybe he's just inspired by his style . - i do think it's annoying, but i find it even MORE annoying when people wrongly accuse artists of copying other people (; -Black . - Beldent Gum <3

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  • 1 decade ago

    I asked for the Bill Kaulitz hoodie, and my mum got it for me with the TH jacket with the glow in the dark thingy on it. I asked if I could have the BK one now though >.<

    I don't like it, the song sounds Humanoid and I can imagine it being 100 times better if it was sung by Bill. It doesn't sound right in my mind knowing it could have been a TH hit...

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  • I've only asked for the fashion against aids t-shirt, and Humanoid, Deluxe. (:


    I'd get Bill a hair styling doll.

    Tom a blow up girlfriend.

    Georg a Hannah Montana microphone xD

    and Gusti a metallica shirt that I saw (:

    Well... I like Adam, but meh.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i'm getting a cameraaa!! :D

    One like i've wanted for foreverr!

    & i'm getting the Never Shout Never CD in my stockingg ; & tht Tokio Hotel bracelet.(:

    i want the Bill Kaulitz hoodie ; but my camera is too expensive, so thts the only thing i'm getting :l

    Poll -;- (these are completely random & probably make no sense ; as i need to go to bed soon, or like right now.xDD)

    Gustav - a teddy bear.. x3

    Georg - heat protectant for his hair!! We wouldn't want his gorgeous hair to get damaged!

    Tom - a hatt. i miss his hats.

    Bill - i'll just be his girlfriend ; that's good enough, right? lmao.(:

    i saw the thing with Adam.. it doesn't really bother me. If he used tht song on his album ; i'm sure he had to get permission from them & stuff.


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  • Umm i REALLY wanted a laptop and a cell phone (but WAY too much money is tight nowadays)

    A few hours ago my mom asked me what i wanted and i said BILL and she was like that is going to be HARD to find and then my dad said he will get me a big cutout of bill (i said ok but it will not be the same)

    But anyways i want A LOT of TH stuff my mom always goes on ebay and i asked if she could pick me out some TH stuff (THEY HAVE TONS OF TH STUFF) and i really want some new TH t-shirts i have already gotten ALL the ones from hot topic.

    And in want lady gaga heart beats but i highly doubt it my mom will get me those.

    Oh and i want LOTS of twilight stuff (I love twilight) i really want to get the guys something but i can't :P

    My mom said it is hard to get me stuff now cuz i USED to play with dolls with my sister ALL the time (i am 12 now that was like 2 years ago or maybe 1)but i relized that i am WAY too old for dolls so all i do is help out my mom listen to music always on the computer and always in my room writing reading and all that stuff preteens do lolz.

    Oh i have heard about the adam lambert thing i do not like him now cuz he had no right to say what he know how he kissed that guy on stage (i know DICUSSTING O_O) so ppl on like extra and entertaiment tonight (reality shows) asked him why did he do that and you know kids watch things like that and he said ppl have to like me for what i am and if you do not like my music just change it i do care and it is the parent falt for letting the ids watch that.

    poll:umm i would give them something TH related and all i want to do is meet yall in real life that would be AWESOME

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  • 1 decade ago

    Im asking for Tokio Hotel shoes if possible.

    If not,Im asking for Zimmer 483. (:

    Poll: Hmm... I'll let them ask what they want.

    I don't wanna buy them something that they probably won't like.

    I always let people choose what they want.

    - Wow! That's cool :) Im not a big fan of Adam but he's cool. I

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  • I asked my sisters to get me the Caught on Camera DVD 'cause I don't have it yet! D:

    I keep bugging them to get for me and I know they'll buy it [:

    and there's soo many other things I want like...

    a guitar + guitar lessons lol

    & Chi hair straightener

    I can't remember the rest :P

    presents for the guys...

    (first thing that comes to my mind)

    Georg: Leap frog toyss! ahaha idk but I can so imagine him playing with that xD

    Gustav: I'd get him a Slip 'n Slide! those things are soo cool!

    Tom: ouuu I just thought of something real dirty but I won't say it! :P lmao I'd knit him a scarf (since he always wears scarfs) with his name on it ^_^

    Bill: a HUGE teddy bear and when you hug it, it says " I love you Bill!" tehehe

    yeahh I did hear about that.

    maybe it was a TH song before?

    but idk =/

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  • I'm asking for the Scream poster XD I have a few other pictures and a poster, but I've always LOVED the Scream photo, it makes me happy and want to "SCREAM IT OUT LOUD!" *sing that* :)

    I don't like Adam. I just don't. He wants to be Bill.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well i mostly asked for stuff from TH's website and yea. I also asked for makeup, itunes, and perfume :)

    poll: hmmm....idk ill get back to ya on that one :{ ] <---mustache man! xD

    oh yeah i saw that thingy! ...i dont really think anything of it. :]

    edit: i've figured out wut i would get the guys!

    Georg: a very cool hair straightener :D

    Tom: a new hat :{ ]

    Gustav: again, a new hat :]

    Bill: hmm....eye makeup x3

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