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Libs, how would you know the difference between Natural Climate Change and Man-made Climate Change?

please give me your scientific explanation...

I mean is there a checklist......?

You know why I know Liberals are stuuuuuuuuuuup!!!d?....cause they never thought of asking this simple question in the first place....

TO ALL NEO-CONS....ask this question in person to someone who is a man-made Climate Change advocate. It will be the funniest thing you will ever see....



As you can all see....Libs point out the symptoms of Climate Change but not the cause....


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    What do you mean by "Natural" climate change?

    You really need to qualify what you mean there.

    The science isn't political. The solutions may have to be political, but I am not betting on that working out well. Better hope for a technological innovation that changes everything.

    Essentially, we measure things like solar output on a constant basis, so we know how the Earth's position and the solar output affect temperatures, and it's not enough to keep the whole planet from freezing completely over absent greenhouse gasses.

    Greenhouse gasses, then, make it possible for us to live on the planet. Over the last two decades, a lot has been learned about the convection qualities of different atmospheric compositions and the role of different gasses in raising or lowering surface temperatures.

    Now, a certain amount of CO2 and methane is given off absent human activity, and a certain amount of sulfoxides that lower temperatures are given off as well, and while these vary, absent cataclysmic events, they vary gradually.

    Knowing that these gasses raise and lower surface temperatures (among other things), all that remained was quantifying concentrations and their relationship to global temperatures. That is now a reasonably mature science, and we can then plug in the billions of tonnes human activity is adding into the varying concentrations and establish a trend projection, and these are easily confirmed by measuring the lagging mean temperature changes.

    It's not complicated.

    As an aside, CO2 emissions fell for the first time in a long while last year because of the economic crisis. Also, you might want to go beyond this basic question and look into secondary effects like ocean acidification.

    Man has, by shear numbers, become a geological force.

    It's not the first time in the planet's history that a species has become a geological force, but hopefully it turns out better for our species than for others.

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    The climate is always changing. However when you see temperatures change faster than what has occurred in the past and when you find good correlation between rising CO2 levels and rising global temperatures over the past century, you have a pretty good idea that it is not completely natural. Edit: you are probably waiting for somebody to use the word correlation so that you can say correlation does not equal causality, which is true. The causality comes from the physics of CO2 absorbing IR radiation. Edit: ohh, somebody below me tried to post a link to a wall street journal opinion piece, however failed to post the link properly. That is the problem with deniers, they think opinion pieces actually have some validity.

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    Once again you want to be right so bad you are unwilling to look at the whole picture and what it means. You seem to acknowledge that yes Climate change is happening. What does it matter if it is man made or human made? What do you win if in fact it is a cycle of the earth?

    What your question fails to acknowledge or what your fail to understand is that we are a very fragile creature on this planet, and that a major change in the climate can wipe up off the face of this earth unless we do something to adapt and wile you want to argue who started it, what are you doing to try to help our civilization make the necessary changes to adapt ?

    What do you have to lose by making some minor changes if by the off chance that just maybe you do not know everything?

    It is survival of the fittest not the survival of the most right.

  • My answer is: who cares? Whether you want to reduce fossil fuel use because of climate change, or if you think we should do it to reduce our dependence on the middle east, which is a giant national security issue; the practical need to lower fossil fuel consumption is the same.,

    Ignoring the threat and arguing about whether climate change is man made, for no other reason than that they hate Al Gore, is just one more example of the Republicans acting stupidly and putting their party before their country,

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    Natural climate change is natural shifts in the temperature, and in weather patterns, where as man-made are changes that are created due to unnatural by-products of man.

    It's that simple really.

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    good question, even the so-called scientists don't know. this whole climate thing is nothing but a scam obama and al gore are trying to pull over.

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    Its the rate at which the climate is changing...

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    if you believe in the theory of evolution ....they are both one in the same.......Humans affect the evolution of the planet by their behaviors and evolution.... natural climate change "IS" man made climate change......and animal made climate change and mamal climate change...........well I guess what I am saying is that all science is part of climate change.......and man is part of science

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    It's going to be fun to watch arrogant right wingers starving to death from the "myth" of global warming.

    Please give me a scientific explanation of why right wingers LOVE the lies so much.

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    CO2 is a greenhouse gas. The concentration of CO2 has jumped 50% since the beginning of the Industrial revolution, when we started burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) at much higher rates. Burning fossil fuels (hydrocarbons) releases CO2 into the atmosphere.

    Now, was THAT so difficult for you to understand?

    If you need a pretty picture, here you go:

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