Why does Firefox keep crashing?!?!?!?!?!?

It says: We're sorry Firefox had a problem and crashed!!!! why does it keep crashing every time I try to use it? I can't use it anymore?!?!?!?!

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    With all the fanfare surrounding the release of Firefox 3 and the setting of a new world record for downloads, the fact that many people are having problems with Firefox instability seemed to get lost in the shuffle… so I decided to write up a list of troubleshooting methods that might help solve your problems.

    There’s a number of reasons for Firefox 3 crashing, which could include any of these, or be something else:

    Incompatible or Buggy Extensions

    Buggy Plugins

    Upgrading an Old 2.x Profile to 3.0 (using a fresh profile works best)


    Compatibility Problems with XP

    Video Card Drivers (Make sure you are not using old drivers)

    Tablet PC Incompatibility

    Sneezing loudly

    You’ll have to read through the article and go through the steps that might apply to you… the last, and potentially best, option is to completely uninstall Firefox and remove all your profile folders, and then install it again, which we’ve covered below.

    Run in Safe Mode

    One of the first troubleshooting steps you can do is to run Firefox in Safe Mode, which will run without add-ons or extensions. Just look in your start menu, and you’ll see an item for it:

    or alternatively, from the command line:

    firefox.exe -safe-mode

    If Firefox no longer crashes while running in Safe Mode, then you know you have an issue with one of the following:





    If safe mode does not solve your issue, then you should try to use compatibility mode (mentioned below), and do the uninstall completely and reinstall method. You should also check the “Other Known Issues” section below.

    Create a New Profile (if Safe Mode Fixes Your Issue)

    Open up a command prompt, or simply type in the full path to firefox.exe, and add on the -profilemanager switch at the end to launch the Firefox “Choose User Profile” screen, where you can create a new profile or switch to a different one.

    firefox.exe -profilemanager

    Creating a new profile will give you a “blank slate”, where you might have less issues. You can export your bookmarks from the current profile and then import them into the new profile (covered below).

    Note: This method usually solves any problems caused by upgrading an old profile to a new one.

    Disable Unnecessary Plugins

    One of the quickest ways to crash Firefox (or any browser) is to run with a plugin that is causing problems. Open up Tools \ Add-ons, and then go to the Plugins tab, and disable anything you don’t actually use.

    For troubleshooting purposes, you could just disable all of them… this is especially helpful when Safe Mode fixes the issue. If Firefox works fine after disabling all the Plugins, then you can enable them one by one until you figure out which one caused the errors.

    Note: For me, disabling Silverlight fixed a lot of the crashing issues.

    Disable Unnecessary Extensions

    In the same screen as above, you can also disable extensions. If running in Safe mode keeps you from crashing, you should go through and disable all your extensions, and then enable them one at a time until you find the one causing the problem.

    Clear Out the Caches

    There’s a known problem with the download history becoming corrupted and causing crashes when trying to download files. You can just open up the Clear Private Data from the tools menu, and clear out all of the junk at once.

    This is a good idea to do every so often anyway, and it can’t hurt.

    XP Users: Run Firefox in Compatibility Mode

    Some Windows XP users might experience crashing issues that can be solved by using Compatibility Mode. Just right-click on the shortcut and choose Properties, then the Compatibility tab.

    Set the compatibility back to Windows 2000, and it might solve the crashing issues for you. Note that setting compatibility in Vista doesn’t seem to help as much in my testing… but your mileage may vary.

    Do NOT Use the Tablet PC Input Panel (or OnScreen Keyboard)

    I’ve had crashing problems for the last few months, starting from beta 2 and continuing all the way through the release. The infuriating thing was that I could copy the profile to another machine, and it would work fine. I’d create a blank profile, run in safe mode… and Firefox would crash on me every 2 minutes.

    I finally figured out the problem… I’ve got a Wacom Intuos3 tablet hooked up to my computer, which enables the Tablet PC Input Panel in Vista, which caused the problem even if it was docked in the background.

    The second I disabled that panel, Firefox stopped crashing. If you have the same issue, you can test by opening up Services and setting that service to disabled:

    You can also remove Tablet PC components from the Add / Remove Windows Components in Control Panel. I’ve also heard of problems with the standard on-screen keyboard, but I haven’t confirmed those.

    Note: I tested this out on two machines… same exact issue. It’s very frustrating, because I real

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    Hi There, If you want to keep using Firefox: 1. Uninstall using add/remove programs 2. Reboot your computer (clears out the registry settings and unwanted traces of FF) 3. Reinstall Firefox from their website. Do not install any add-ons or plug-ins. Some of them cause crashes by conflicting with other apps on your computer) My personal favorite is Opera. I like the tabbed browsing and the "Quick dial" feature. Opera also saves my log-in information for various sites. Opera also has a good built-in e-mail client. On my computer Opera is as fast and more stable than other browsers. I have installed and uninstalled Chrome three times. It kept crashing. Seamonkey is a pretty good browser; also Flock is another good browser. It has a good tie-in with social networking sites (if you are into that). Every browser I have used will crash sometimes and an uninstall and reinstall usually fixes that. Hope this helps, Al

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    Try to uninstall the firefox and then install it again. But it's better if you use internet explorer 8. And i used to have firefox but then it slows down my pc so i delete the firefox and use internet explorer.

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    to you !

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    Its Probably cuz when windows & came out, everything needed the updates. your graphics card, all windows products, internet explorer, ect... so, what you probably need is he latest update for Firefox, go to Firefox's website and see if you need an update, then whens its downloaded, restart you computer.

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    its better check with firefox website


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    Yeah like the other user said, just uninstall it, download the latest version, reinstall it and don't fiddle with any of the settings.

    I had the same problem.

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    It just happens....get google chrome...crashes less

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