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Is this the real Truth about drugs like marijuana,speed,lsd,heroine,coke etc.?

Before going into high school the first time my grandfather told me about them druggies who go there and who are using drugs and told me to stay away from them. He told me if i got involved in drugs it would ruin my life or i would be living on the streets. He told me i would kill,rob banks, steal purses to get money for drugs. He used michael jackson and elvis Presley as an example who used drugs and look how successful they were and look where they ended up dead! I know how addictive methamphetamine,crack cocaine,and heroin is cause i seen the show intervention. They also say marijuana is a gateway drugs and i believe it. I seen my friends start with pot and start smoking laced weed. They do speed now,lsd, and take prescription drugs and i know a few who snorted coke before. Now i know some users who smoke weed will say it is not a gateway drug cause youdidn'tt go onto other drugs. Now probably not every marijuana user is gonna use other drugs. but i come tot he point where if you use speed,lsd and those drugs now you willmostt likely come tot he point of being adrugg addict who is addicted to thosedrugss or coke or heroine. A police officer told me marijuana is addictive and told me howbunchh of people whosmokedd weed in college flunked out cause they were unmotivated and addicted to it to try in college. But so many people especially online told me it enhances yourLifee it makes you motivated. I might see how adult users could livesuccessfullyy but i believe all those above the influence commericlas about it are targeted to teens to keep them away from drugs. They also say marijuana will make your grades drop but people online say it makes your grades better. Now i believe people are telling me bull **** now about weed and drugs now that the druggies said that or are the druggies lieing to me. Even people who do not use tell me weed is harmless. People online also tell me people are able to use heroin and coke once in awhile and nbecomeoem addicted and live good lives. I thought pot and other drugs would ruin your life in the long run but all these other people say about weed is enhancesces your life and makes it better. I thought weed wimakemke you screw up. It says it makes your grades better. Do they lie to people about this stuff all the time. What is the truth about all the drugiies and police officer and my family are telling me. Who is telling me the truth.


The police man also told me how a man got addicted to heroin through laced weed and told me how a person died from heroine from shooting it up in a 30 second decision whether to do heroine.

Update 2:

sorry i do not think i made that last sentence clear enough. So who is telling me the truth the drug users or my family,teachers and cops

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    Ok, you need to look for an unbiased source of information. A police officer will tell you to stay away from illegal drugs because it's his job. Your teachers will tell you to stay away from illegal drugs because if they tell you anything different they will be fired and your parents will want to sue the school. Your parents will tell you to stay away from illegal drugs for the same reasons they would tell you not to sky dive or bungee jump; they love you and they hate to imagine you in a situation that they think is dangerous. Most of the stories that police, teachers, and family tell you about illegal drugs are all the same because they are the same stories that they put on the news. The news is not always right. The same goes for people who use drugs. They might tell you that their drug is not as bad as others when it is not true.

    What it all comes down to is YOU. If you are interested in trying something, it is your responsibility to know what you are getting into. You have to read both sides of the arguments, you have to find good sources of unbiased information.

    I'll help you with the last bit. Here are the sources that I have used to make all of my drug decisions for years:

    The reason you have to avoid sites that end in .gov is because they are government sites. The government makes the drug laws, so are they going to give you unbiased facts that contradict their own laws? No.

    There are, however, certain drugs that cause people to act like your grandfather said. Crystal meth, crack, and heroine are the biggest of those drugs.

    Now go forth and fill your head with the information you should have been given years ago. Maybe next week we'll tackle sex ed and condoms.

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    The people on the internet are most likely right, because they are the ones who have tried and experienced them. Do you think a police officer has EVER tried LSD? Obviously not, they wouldn't have been able to become a cop with today's laws. The police don't know sh!t. Your parents probably have experienced a few of them, but the only reason they tell you to not do them is because they don't want you to lose interest in school/work and whatnot and they don't want you to try the more dangerous drugs out there. Certain drugs, as you probably know, are more dangerous than others. The dangerous ones are like meth, heroin, coke, crack, speed, PCP, ketamine, inhalants (extremely bad and you can die quickly from repeated use), even tobacco, etc. The others are perfectly (or near perfectly) fine. These would include marijuana, peyote, mushrooms, LSD, LSA (found in morning glory seeds), etc. To overdose on marijuana, you would have to smoke 40,000 joints in 15 minutes. There have been ABSOLUTELY NO deaths attributed to overdose simply because it is impossible. Mescaline in peyote is harmless and many South American cultures have used it for thousands of years on a regular basis. The only thing you have to worry about with shrooms is the chance of getting mushrooms that aren't actually psychedelic, but poisonous. Other than that, they are fine. I would have to even say that LSD is one of the safest drugs in history. It has been scientifically proven to be less toxic than aspririn or even vitamin C. But you have to remember, LSD is a potent and extremely powerful chemical. Just one pound has the potential of getting over 22.5 million people high. It can change your personality, but nearly all of users say that it changed them for the better for the rest of their entire lives. Just take caution when trying any drug, try to abstain from the harmful ones, but trying one of the safer ones a couple times will have absolutely no negative physical effects.

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    weed/pot/marijuana is not addictive and its impossible to overdose on. while for some it might be a gateway drug, it all depends on your mind strenghth. ive experienced what happens to a person when theyre addicted, so ive promised myself never to try addictive drugs. so even if i do smoke weed, thats not going to effect my views on trying addictive drugs.

    weed doesnt bring down your grades unless you ditch everything just to smoke. or if you come to school super stoned. when youre high it lasts for a couple of hours then youre fine the next day, if anything youll be a little sleepy.

    everyone tries weed once in their life, youre not going to be a bum or a bad person if you do too.

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