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Women, do you share intimate details about your husbands with your girlfriends?

It seems each question I ask here, only prompts more questions in my mind!

Do women share intimate details about their husbands with their friends? If so, what level of detail is shared?

I ask, b/c my wife and I have had some "discussions" about my smaller sized package. And now I am wondering if she tells her close friends that I am "small".

So, do you share all details, or are some things off limits?

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    Okay okay. Yes I do share mostly ALL of my intimate sex details with about 1 or 2 of my closest girlfriends. But only when the sex is better than usual. And I don't leave out any details. But I'm gonna go back to an old cliche and say "size doesn't matter!"

    It does in some cases, but only you know if you can satisfy our wife with what you've got in ur pants. I'm saying that because even if you are small and even if she tells her friends you're small; if the sex is good that will be the primary thing she talks about. So if you're worried that your wife's friends will look at you and think about ur small penis, you're mistaken.

    If you're whippin ur wife's thang into shape on a regular basis, they'll just think you're a stud. ;-)

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    Some women have no limits as to what they will share with family members or girlfriends. Girl talks can be a tell all conversation but it all depends on the woman doing the talking and the situation she's in. If she's happy in her marriage and happy with her sex life, then she wouldn't disrespect her husband in that way. BUT if she's not...then she will tell all. She won't come out with it at first, she'll just put some complaints out there but as the girlfriends fish around trying to find out the root of the problem to better advise her, then she will spill the beans. If you are in a good marriage where you are both content with your sex life and just happy together, then you shouldn't worry. If not, then i'm sure she's told some close people to her. But at the end of the day she's the one that looks foolish..not you. That just shows what kind of woman she is. A woman who has no respect for her husband. The size doesn't's all about how you work it! So don't stress it! Don't drive yourself crazy about this because it's not something she will ever admit to telling and her friends will stand by her and keep her little secret, so it's not something you will ever find out. If you think your wife would disrespect you like that then maybe you should think about what went wrong in your marriage and maybe talk about it with her. Good Luck!

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    It depends on the situation, so sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I had a "casual" friend who told me her husband was molested when he was younger. That's something I would never have told a soul because a partner would only share that with another believing they have that person's complete trust and I would never break that trust in a partner. I might mention if he turned me down for sex but I would never talk about what actually went on in the bedroom. Some things I might be embarrassed about because what goes on there is between just the two of you and a person can be a different person in private than they are in public.

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    My 1st and 2nd wife both shared information about my technique, package and a few pictures. My current wife of 10+ years has only shared a couple of things basically saying that i'm the most gentle, sexiest hung stud she's ever known.

    I heard her share this with her best friend while talking on the phone. She thought i was outside working in the garden. LOL

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    All girls get chatty when they are out with their girlfriends. And sometimes the women do reveal some things that might be embarrassing for the men. BUT the majority of women are able to have a fun conversation with their friends without stepping over any boundaries. You know your wife better than anyone else, I'm sure. Does she seem like the type who lets stuff slip out of her mouth before thinking, or is she pretty good at keeping a zipped lip? That alone should tell you if your wife is capable of accidentally humiliating you or not.

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    Of course we do. It depends on the woman how in "detail" she gets, but I know I wouldn't share something that would embarrass my man. It's fun to share and compare notes, relate to this or that issue, discuss tips and ideas, etc. Most of what me and my friends share tends to be bragging or asking for advice lol. But rarely has it ever been negative towards the men in our lives.

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    We talk about the different things we do, funny experiences, new things we've tried, ETC. We never bring up the actual size, ever! If someone were to ask, I would just say that he's well endowed enought to keep me happy! She would never tell anyone, unless she was really pissed at you (like, ready for divorce) then she might tell lol. Even then, people would think she's just saying to get back at you. Don't worry!

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    Only to vent or brag... your smaller package probably will never come up unless you really piss her off.

    Women talk - period... and they need emotional reassurances, support and validation... but they never throw the man they love under the bus - unless he seriously has hurt her.. so talk yes - small package no... unless...

    here is what I mean... if you adore your wife she will protect you from her lynch mob... if you hurt her or disrespect her - then the only way she can save face with her friends is tell them eg" well, he may have cheated with abc girl - but you know he is so small anyway, she barely felt a thing" versus when you are adoring on her " he is the most considerate lover I have ever had, I made the best choice being with him, we make love for 2 hours 3x a week and he has never as so much even looked at another woman let alone flirted or cheated"...

    that kind of thing.. we are emotional man... thats how it is..

    do you tell your friends your wife is a b**ch at times?

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    Where as surely almost all the women here will respond, OHHH NOOOO, I would never do such a thing. That's a load of crap. I worked in an office full of women and yes, they share that and more, and don't even think about taking them out for happy hour to the bar after work, that's when they really start spilling the beans.

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  • Most things are off limits, but I do share "some" things with my cousin who is my closest trusted female.

    I DO make comments or other statements on Y!A that he "may" not like if he knew but ehh... Everyone needs an outlet of some sorts...

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