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will my dobies ear ever stand right?

I got my pup cropped at 11 weeks. the crop was perfect and looked great, in fact, the vet said we had left it wrapped too long since the ears were doing a TP look on top of his head. she suggested tip taping to over correct the problem. Well the pup is now 8 months old and one ear stands perfectly, and the other almost always is bent inward towards the top of his head. When he is chewing a bone, they look great, or when he sleeps, but when he is alert, there it goes. Is it too late to fix this problem? I paid way too much to have a floppy eared dog. I also asked for a pet crop, and they gave him a show crop. So I think this is why I am having more trouble. I have not taped him for about a month or so, I kinda gave up. I am looking into more research now. Any helpful advice would be great!


I dont appreciate mean answers, I asked for helpful advise.

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    I cant stand it when people crop dogs ears to supposedly make them look "better" I think dobermans, great danes and pits ect look far, far better with natural ears. Cropping is cruel and if its not standing straight by 8 months I doubt it ever will

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    A fecal exam that is done in the office can easily come up negative even if the puppy does have parasites- A test that is sent off to the lab is more accurate. Also it is possible that the worms are not shedding eggs at this time- so it is always important to have your puppy dewormed at least 2-3 times before 16 weeks old. Almost all puppies have roundworms, which can be transmissable to humans- and can cause blindness and other things in children. It is better to be safe than sorry. A deworming wont hurt him and only costs 8-9 $. Also make sure that he is on a monthly heartworm preventative such as interceptor, sentinel, heartgard, or revolution. These will prevent him from contracting any more intestinal worms. My personal preference- interceptor or sentinel- they give the most protection available. Good luck with your puppy- Dobies are the sweetest dogs- one of my favorite breeds. Hope he does well with his ear cropping.

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    Why would you mutilate a dog. Vanity?

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    it happens it will but my grandma told me 2 tie it up u know like it would stand but i think it will sooner or later

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