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What kind of climbing vines/plants are they using when putting brick walls on the freeway?

I live in Southern California (to be specific I'm talking about the 210 Freeway - Glendora area). Within the last year the tall brick walls were put up. They have planted green plants that are climbing the walls. What plants are these? I was told about a year ago that the vines I invested in were climbing vines and would cover the back wall of my house (the wall is brick just as the walls on the freeway) - and unfortunately they are the same exact size I started with. I'm curious if anyone knows the name of the what they use on the walls of the freeway. I'm going to call a nursery but decided to give this a shot too.

Thanks to everyone who answers.

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    I think different locations would use different plants depending upon the climate. Up here in Northern California it's common to see Boston Ivy along freeway sound walls. Boston Ivy is a lush green in the spring and summer, and turns gorgeous shades of red and orange in the fall. There is a brief bare period during the winter, but the leaves are quick to return in early spring.

    As for the progress of your vines, be patient. There's an old gardening adage that says, "First year, they sleep, the second year they creep, and the third year they leap!" My Boston Ivy didn't do much the first year, but by the second season one plant had covered about a six-foot section of fence.

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    Gee people she has brick COLORED walls. And asking about curtains! I would try and bring in some of the furniture color to the curtains. Not really enough info to say in any detail. does the room have a theme? Like country or modern. Maybe a shade or blinds with a valance on top. In what ever color accents your furniture or paints./pictures.

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    English Ivy

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    My guess is ficus grows snug to the wall and as soon as established it will take off rapidly.

    We have this vine on many walls in tx. when cut or broken milk like juice come out.

    I will freeze at 6- 25 dgs.

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