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How big is this week in determining the NFC playoff picture?

Cowboys who are 8-3 and lead the NFC East go to New York to play the Giants who are 6-5 and just holding on for hope

Eagles who are 7-4 and in one of the top 2 spots in the Wild Card race go on the road to Atlanta to play the 6-5 Falcons who are also just holding on for hope in the playoff race.

The playoff picture can be even clearer or be even future decisive by the end of this weekend

So, How big is this week in determining the NFC playoff picture?


The Falcons absolutely must win this game to stay alive in the Wild Card Race. Giants chances begin to seriously slim down if they lose

BQ- Who wins the Cowboys at Giants, and Eagles at Falcons games?

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    Here's how I like the NFC playoff:

    #1 Minnesota Vikings- They're the most balanced team in the NFL. On offense they have a good running game with Adrian Peterson, and passing game with Brett Favre. Jared Allen is the best defensive player in the NFL hands down as he leads the league in sacks and the Vikings don't have to blitz to put pressure on the QB!

    #2 New Orlean Saints- Most people think they are the best team in the NFC, but who have the really played! You can say the same about the Vikings, but the Saints have played an even easier schedule! If the playoffs where done today the Saints have played 1 game where the team would be in the playoffs as Minnesota has played 3 games being the Ravens once and the Packers twice! When getting pressure on Drew Brees he's and being able to run the ball the Saints have struggled as you've seen against the Dolphins and Rams. They're not very good teams, but they were able to run the ball and get pressure on Brees and almost won!

    #3 Dallas Cowboys- Defensively the team isn't great, but I like Tony Romo and the offense. They're able to run the effectively and Romo is doing a good job at getting the ball to his recievers! The only bad thing is they still have to play the Giants and Eagles again as well as playing the Saints and Chargers! If they could 3-2 in the next 5 games they will win that division almost garaunteed because the Giants are slipping and Eagles are too inconsistant! They're only 3 games behind the Saints and 2 behind the Vikings. The Vikings have the Cardinals and Bengals left to play and if the

    Saints can slip up and the The Cowboys can pull out a win against the Saints they could have a 3 way tie for first in the NFC

    #4 Arizona Cardinals- Not much to say about this team. When Warner is playing the offense is near unstoppable, but they're also inconsistant. Thats ok though they could finish 9-7 and still win the division!

    #5 Green Bay Packers- They have one of the best offenses in the NFL. The only problem they have is keeping Aaron Rodger up right. When they have kept Aaron Rodgers from being hit so often they have been a very good football team. The defense isn't great, but isn't too bad either. They won't catch up with the Vikings as far as the NFC North race goes but I do believe they're one of the better tteams in the NFC right now!

    #6 Philedlphia Eagles- This team is very inconsistant and it's nothing new. They were insconsistant last year and so far this year they have been as well. Asaunte Samuel is a defensive beast and they're playing well at time, but they're still young. In a couple of years if Donavann McNabb says healthy they're going to be tough to deal with!

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    The NFC playoff photograph sounds like this interior the East The Cow boys are in 1st with a 12-2 record they're only earlier than The 9-5 Giants who lead the Wildcard photograph. The North has the sukish Packers who've a 12-2 redord and r the final interior the NFC accompanied by the one which you love Vikings who will make the playoffs this 12 months and that they are 8-6 on a similar time as the 2006 NFC champs the Bears are in final place. The South is lead by Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 9-5 and accompanied by the Saints who're 7-7 who're attempting to side ou the Vikings for the Wild Card. interior the Seahawks lead the %. with a 9-5 record accompanied by the 6-8 Cardinals, who won't make the playoffs. If the season ended on the instant The Cowboys and Packers gets a bye and the Buccaneers will play the Giants and Giants will win 21-17. next the Seahawks will play the Vikings and the Vikings will somewhat beat them 10-7. interior the Divional Playoffs The Packers will play ny and beat them 35-14. The Cowboys will play the Vikings and the Cowboys will win soundly (Sorry:() 40 9-7. interior the NFC Chamionship the cowboys will play the Packers at Lambeau and that's to lots for Tony Romo and the gang for Dallas nad would be deafeated 35-28. Then the Packers gets overwhelmed by the Patriots interior the excellent Bowl ninety one-35

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    Good point.

    This does seem like a big week. The Falcons, Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys are all in the hunt for at least a wild card spot.

    The Giants' next 2 weeks are huge for them because they play both the Cowboys and the Eagles. If they lose both those games, I'm giving up on them.

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    With 6 games remaining, each week will become more important in determining the playoff picture. This week was/is important, but next week will be even more important.

    And, as far as the Saints and Vikings; just look at their remaining schedules and you tell me which team is more likely to win out IF the Saints lose to the PastryRats.

    Something tells me the Vikings will be playing in New Orleans against a team that doesn't have any weaknesses.

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    HUGE... the Cowboys are a soft Team, you smack them in the Mouth Hard and they dont respond well. Problem is, the giants Defense may be among worst in League, despite what their rating says. They cant stop anyone, and hwo the heck wouldve thought THAT were going to be the Case come start of season. but The Giants can Score with Dallas.. problem is, will they even be able to slow down dallas' run and Jason Whiten who ABUSES them.. Huge HUGE game in the EAST

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    Every week including this one is going to be huge. For example yesterday

    1. Miami effectively elimated themselves. Had they won yesterday and the Pats lost to the saints next weekends game would be for control in the AFC East. Now win or lose the pats would still be way ahead in that race.

    2. Texans put themselves out

    3. Steelers have really hurt themselves.

    4. Ravens have managed to hold on to their outside shot.

    5. Titans have managed to hold on to their extremely outside shot.

    6. JVille hurt themselves badly.

    7. Denver rebounded and still holds a good chance as long as they can avoid another melt down.

    1. Atlanta avoided getting themselves knocked out.

    2. Bears took themselves out.

    3. Niners are clinging to a very outside shot.

    4. Eagles barely avoided taking themselves to extremely bad chances.

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    I agree. It also can determine the # 1 seed for the NFC. If New Orleans loses tonight, then who wins the tie breaker between the Saints and Vikings for 1st in the NFC if they both win out after this week?

    Something to me says that if the Saints have to go through Minnesota for the NFC Championship that they won't escape with a win. I think it'd be pretty hard for them to escape a win againts the Vikings even at home.

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    it was huge if the eagles would have lost they would be done but they came back and made it and now they still got a chance.

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