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不要網路翻譯= = 謝謝

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    In this film serial , can find out that women's status is raised slowly and slowly , Rechel disputes with father in the telephone , in former era, it is impossible for women to speak with this kind of tone and man, and he is fierce express one's own suggestion ,

    Rechel has escaped from the wedding , era in the past how can is women so? Women do not dare to do so , and this is not either permitted , therefore, women are no longer only reticent parties, she has freedom of speech, the freedom of person , women's status is paid attention to gradually too,

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    In this photo album, may see the feminine status to promote slowly, Rechel disputes in telephone neutral daddy, in the beforehand time, the female is impossible speaks with this kind of tone and the male, but he also intense expression own opinion, Rechel ran away has married, beforehand time female how possibly like this? The female does not dare such to do, moreover this is also not allowed, thus it can be seen, the female no longer is only a silence side, she has the freedom of speech, the personal freedom, feminine status gradually is also taken,

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