What is better in Maplestory. A sauna robe or bathrobe?

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I have a blaze wizard lv.33 and I want to know which is better.
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  • Epic answered 4 years ago
I would say sauna robe because it has more defense then bathrobe and mages don't really need speed cause they can teleport.
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  • iLuvRawrx3 answered 4 years ago
    One is level 20 and the other is level 30. The sauna robe is harder to get because you have to complete a quest for it. The bath robe is the one you can buy in Showa Town. It doesn't really matter but a clean sauna robe has a higher weapon defense than a bathrobe. People usually buy those just to scroll them though.
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  • Karasu Kaguya answered 4 years ago
    Hm... Well, I prefer a sauna robe since a bathrobe you can easily buy from Singapore (I think...?). A sauna robe is worth much more than a bathrobe as well.

    -Karasu Kaguya
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  • MAPLESTORY answered 4 years ago
    a bathrobe is lvl 20 and a sauna is lvl 30
    so .... your lvl 33 so probably sauna.....but if the bathrobe has a + 2 then you should were it ...
    if not just stick with the sauna.........
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  • Heartattax answered 4 years ago
    For speed it gives 10 speed bonus, however sauna robes come with more defense bonus, both magic and wep. attack. Both offers same amount of upgrades, but since your a mage, i suggest you use a sauna robes because mages a;ready got teleport so you wouldn't need to get the speed bouns.
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  • heo xinh answered 4 years ago
    hmm...sauna robe?
    more upgrade advantages which means it'll sell for more
    but then again the bathrobe has speed
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  • Amanda Pwns ☆ミ - 愛♡ answered 4 years ago
    They're both almost the same, except one is lv 20 and the another is 30, much to your preference whether you want the speed or avoidability.
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  • azn_miichael answered 4 years ago
    Blaze wizards dont need sauna/bath robes. They're only for dexles sins and nw. Unless our a lukless blaze wizard, and ur funded, you should get a sauna robe.
    Btw if you want free nx cash, follow this guide, its legit I've done it: http://www.squidoo.com/pre-paidgamecards
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    bathrobe definetly. it has 10 slots just like the sauna, is cheaper, and gives 10 speed rather than 10 avoidability(avoidablility is like defense-next to useless)
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