Is it possible for a teenager to move out of their parent's home and get their own place?

I am asking because my family has been putting so much stress on me. I dread coming downstairs for breakfast in the morning because being with my "family" makes me so anxious and overwhelmed. My little sisters are always fighting or whining, my parents are always venting to me about eachother, and I also deal with the stress of our financial status. My parents are separating.. I don't know when, but I know that when they do, niether of them will be able to afford living in our house, and we'll have to sell it. But I don't want to choose between them.

I'd rather rent an apartment on my own, and then later on have my boyfriend move in with me. I'm still in the process of getting my driver's license, but once I do, I will get a job. I have some money in the bank already, but not much at all. The thing is, I am only 16, and will not be turning 17 for a few months.

My question is, is it possible for me to live on my own? I'd still have communication with my parents, and I'd still go to school, but I cannot choose between my parents, and even if I do, I cannot stand being with either one of my sisters, and I would just be a disaster if separated from my long-term boyfriend, who plans on marrying me. I promise you, I'm not some rebellious teenager that wants to rebel against my parents. I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I get good grades. I do suffer from depression, OCD, and ADD though.. and this stress isn't helping.

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    I totally understand where you are coming from, i'm in the same place as you. Being with my family makes me anxious because i don't have their support. I have heard that you can get emancipated but i'm not sure how old you have to be maybe 17? I don't know but in the meanwhile i hope you feel better. You don't know how much it means to know that i'm not alone, meaning alone in feeling the way i do. Thanks for your question, i am curious about this as well.

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    There is the process of becoming an emancipated minor (I don't know if that's in all states of just here in CA). I knew two people in high school who were in your similar situation who became emancipated minors. It's a very difficult process, and almost never happens, but they did it.

    However, I have to tell you, that their lives crashed almost as badly as if they're become teenage parents. School, work, rent, utilities...

    I would never move out for a high school relationship. Based on what I've seen, I don't think that many people are even ready to move out with college relationships.

    So... most teenagers feel like this at one time or another. My best advice would be to live with it as best you can, because living with it is better than any other alternative for anyone in high school.

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    You have that right.....true...but your only 16....if you are on your own...your parents will not have to pay for can get some kind of court order that says you are allowed to live on your own....and you will be pay your own bills....and will not hold your parents responsiable. for any bills you accumulate...In other words will be on your own....there is a lot you have to take care of....if you can't handle it won't be able to have a lot of growing up to do.......

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    I can imagine how tough it is,but you can not sign any credit or lease agreements until you are 18.That is federal law and state law in all 50 states.

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    my sister moved two hours away from home when she was seventeen so yeah its possible but it will be hard to support yourself.

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    you sound smart and independent for your age, im confident in whatever you do, you'll be fine in the long run

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