Nobody wants to take this seriously?

It's about that stupid show South Park. It's seriously just spreading so much HATRED of course mostly by ignorant teens. I just heard on the news that red-haired kids got BASHED just for their hair color because apparently it was "kick a ginger day". Made by South Park. WTF is up with people!?? Have humans not learned a thing yet??? And then there's the fact that homophobic slang is coming from that show, they try to pretend the creators aren't homophobic, yet these little stupid words like "GAY FISH" or "F/-\G DRAG" are becoming real life problems! And now apparently the meaning for F/-\G is controlled by South Park, since they changed the "meaning" to mean "An inconsiderate Harley driver". Is this really funny to you guys? That South Park is brainwashing stupid kids to hate? It's no longer a joke if the people who watch the show are going to completely miss the point and try to use this as their backup for discrimination. It's also so biased to this whole "left wing, right wing" thing because they hate on liberals more! One more thing, IF YOU THINK THIS IS BEING "OVER SENSITIVE" you are obviously small minded and don't realize how much of an impact this is having!


Proof that South Park is controlling teens:

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Update 2:

Ok they censored the word, it was F/-\G look that up on Urban Dictionary!!

Update 3:

Oh really first answer? When you get bashed I wonder how funny that will be!

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    Do you actually watch South Park?

    If you had watched the episodes about the ginger kids, you would know that nowhere in there do they have anything resembling a "Kick A Ginger Day". In the episode, the character of Eric Cartman has a personal vendetta against ginger people, and the episode follows his own hypocrisy when he is made to think he has become ginger due to a disease and very nearly creates a Holocaust of non-ginger people. Cartman is not a sympathetic character; his hatred and prejudices are not portrayed sympathetically on the show and nobody is meant to cheer "Yeah, gingers suck!" when they watch him being so hateful. His hatred is the joke, not gingers. Any person who created a movement of violence didn't get that message from South Park without violently twisting it.

    And the gay fish episode had nothing to do with anything gay . . . the gay fish joke is a play on words and the entire episode was about lampooning Kanye West's ego by presenting him with a joke that he couldn't get.

    The f*g episode was a rather brilliant analysis of the cultural phenomenon nowadays where words like "gay" and "f*g" are being used in casual slang to refer to something negative, usually by younger people, who do not see them as being related to homosexuality whatsoever; in fact, many of the people who use such words often have GLBT friends or family and consider themselves pro-gay supporters/allies. The words have slowly been evolving, and there have been numerous debates on whether it is something to be accepted, or whether we should fight it (via advertisements like those of Wanda Sykes and Hilary Duff, asking people to not use "gay" as a slang synonym for "stupid"). South Park capitalized on the debate, and even GLAAD commented that it " . . . seems to represent a well-intentioned effort by the creators of South Park to delegitimise a vulgar anti-gay slur". If you had watched the episode, you would note that there is absolutely nothing anti-gay in it; the show's gay characters even come out in support of changing the meaning of "f*g" to that of the inconsiderate Harley driver.

    The thing is, I don't think you're being overly sensitive- I think that you haven't watched the episodes and are just reporting on hearsay, or you seriously are only engaging it on the most superficial level possible.

    South Park has had some truly amazing pro-gay episodes (the bi-curious Butters one instantly comes to mind), and to accuse it of being homophobic is really missing the boat.

    And you say that "It's no longer a joke if the people who watch the show are going to completely miss the point and try to use this as their backup for discrimination.", but you don't seem to realize that for people who are anti-gay, EVERYTHING is a back-up for their discrimination. They watch "Will & Grace" and will use that to justify their discrimination. They'll watch "QAF" and hoo boy, they'll come away with a million ways to justify their discrimination. The fact of the matter is that any portrayal of gay people as nuanced, complex, three-dimensional characters, simultaneously both flawed and redeemable, are going to become fodder for their bigotry, and hell, even if we completely wiped TV, books, and movies of any gay references, it wouldn't change their minds, because their minds are closed to anything positive. They'll take away from it what they want to take away from it, or ignore it.

    You know what I'm saying?

    Oh, and if you want, please feel free to message me! I'd love to talk about it further; I've long been a fan of South Park and I love to discuss its cultural impact (and I also have my own problems with it sometimes).

    Cheers, hope that helps educate you a bit.

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    I cannot stand that show, though I hadn't heard about "kick a ginger day". That's terrible. That show should not be allowed to air. It's not funny, it's not amusing. It's stupid and pointless. Anyone willing to spend 30 minutes watching something like this has way too much time on their hands, which in the United States isn't exactly surprising.

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    i like the show south park but i would never say any of the idiotic things they do to me its just a cartoon and any idiots who think its cool to bring this animation screen to reality they are a low life and i agree its getting out of hand but its not because of the show its because of ignorance

  • pj
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    i don't think you are oversensitive at all. words matter and words do damage...wish some of the people around here would take their words more seriously.

    and, i, like you, think they have finally just gone too far.

    much love and hope. pj

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    1 decade ago

    this is wat u get wen u r living in too much peace and with all the luxuries of life without knowledge or wisdom to control it.

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    hahahah, south park is hillarious. come down my friend.

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