Best wet/dry hair straightener for 20-30 dollars?

I am looking for the best wet/dry hair straightener I can get from walmart for 20-30 dollars? What do you guys recommend? Over a week ago I bought the Conair CS4JCS, and I just dont think it works that great. I have shorter hair, and it is curly. I usually use just gel and style my hair, but I'm sick of doing the same thing with it all the time. Here is a pic of my hair after using the straightener I do have,

And one if I dont use it.66.jpg...

What wet/dry straighterner would be the best to use on my hair since its not to long and not that short?

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    1 decade ago
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    20-30 dollars you can get CHI and GHD in this site,this two are the best hair straighteners , fit for all types of hair.

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    I like your hair curly :) looks good! haha but yeah I get the whole not wanting the same thing all the time, I have really thick and curly hair and I like having it straight too, I have had like a zillion different ones because they all break when I use them haha. I got one from Zellers, I went with a cheaper one instead of an exspensive one this time and it is conair, I can't remember what one exactly it is, but it is black with gold writing on it, I have had it for 6 months and still works. I straighten my hair all the time too, usually then only last me about a month. There is also another I got at Walmart that was my favorite but someone stole it =( It is white with some pinky-purple color on it. They both work great. I hope that helped! Sorry about not knowing the exact names =( oh and they were both like $30

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    moist 2 right away. it is ah-mazing. i like it. yet my only subject is that I extremely have certainly dry hair, and it would not help the actuality in any respect. so which you may want some leave in conditioner for constructive. Biolage is what i exploit. or the hairapy 24/7 straightening cream. it is in a pink bottle. that ones extra value-effective yet works only as great.

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    You can go to a beauty supply store and purchase a comb to go on the end of your blow dryer this is what we use on black or very tightly curled hair to make it dry real straight it costs about 5.00 dollars and the we use a chi silk infusion to lay the hair down even more after it is fully dry-ed and i do mean fully dry-ed on hi heat

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