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American Eagle All access Pass ?

I brought home a All-access pass from American Eagle ... But I signed up at home on the internet ... Do I have to go sign up at the desk at american eagle too , to make it usable ?

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    I signed up for this, also online. Three All-Access Passes - one in card form, one in "mini-card" form, and another for your lanyard or keys - later came to my mailbox within a few weeks. They should have given you a temporary one through your email or can print it out and use it at AE/Aerie stores and get credit on that card for points (which equals coupons!).

    X0X0, Advice from Aimee

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  • bembry
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    it is kinda like a club card form concern. in actuality once you sign in for it, then they're going to have your information interior the archives. So whenever you purchase something they're going to test your card, and reckoning on what you acquire, you will get a definite volume of things. for each specific volume of things, you will then get a chit for a chit off your next purchase. desire it wasn't too complicated. BTW it is loose.

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  • Anonymous
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    You probably should have signed up at the store to avoid confusion or asked someone at the store, try their help site.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i dont think you do.

    but just bring it with you next time you shop there and if you have too you can :)

    answer mine?

    i need fashion advice! (pics included)

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