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why does putting salt on leeches help get them off?

i have a huge bioligy test 2mro and i need all u smarties 2 help

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Salt causes leeches to dry up due to the hypotonic state inside the leech's body. It's way saltier outside than inside the leech. The water will travel through osmosis to the surface of the leech's skin in an attempt to dilute the saltiness, but this will cause the leech to dry up internally and fall off.

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  • 3 years ago

    If the ordinary practitioner did no longer think of it replaced into contaminated it probably wasn't. a bad an infection could reason a fever, she could have some thing like poison ivy or oak. that's no longer an infection it rather is a rash or inflammation of the floor. Leeches have been and are used on dermis it is decaying like while somebody has gangrene no longer for an infection. Leeches devour in user-friendly terms ineffective dermis that's why they're used while the floor is demise. If the irritants does not flow way quickly have your chum use aloe Vera or some style of hidrcordsone cream. which will help ease the inflammation.

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