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I have a paper due on censorship in art and in the media but i cant come up with a intro paragraph.?

I am against censorship and sometimes for it.

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    that depends on how detailed ur essay is. iill write a really rough 5 min opening which may help but u havent really given much details on the paper so i am sorry if it is off topic/

    censorshipp is the deletion or blocking of material in the form of art or speech which is deemed to be harmful or offensive to the audience. this is based on ''classification of information'' cenorship can be used by media institutions as an advantage and to avail the likes of corporations, militaries and even the government as 'political censorship'' this in effect supports the country's ''national interest.'' the ultimate goal is the ever-growing prosperous economy. The preservation of harmony between federal and civil relations is key in maintaining a stable society and subsequently not threatining international economic bodies and trades.

    censorship is essential in the media as it prevents disclosure of disrespective or immoral material which may cause an unwanted reaction. however censorship is often used to hold back information from citizens or influence opinion, noteably in the broadcasting and publishing of government affairs. this type of censorship can often be blurred with gatekeeping. this term is often used negatively to critisise the power of large media organisations to set media agendas. this is done by the altering of a media text or its message by someone controlling access to the media outlet e.g in a newspaper or a television news bulletin. the editors make desicions on whether or not to run a story and how it can be conducted to suit their own declared mission. the ethos, goals and targets are met by intervening in the publishing of information that may shed the object in the wrong light. organisations edit and censor items for political, ideological and commercial reasons. Without censorship in media products, great havoc can be caused and the ramifications of mistakes in censoring could be felt wordlwide as the media is an international medium.

    one example of media art which caused great controversy was the publication of cartoons depicting prophet muhammad in danish newspapers. the cartoons were printed all around the world...muslims felt greatly insulted...violent demonstrations...danish flags burnt...danish goods boycotted(affected danish economy)...threats issued against the responsible editors and journalists. this was all done in the name of freedom of speech and freedom of press when there is no doubt these newspapers should not have been published and were highly disrespectful. a neo-nazi wouuld not be given the same right of excercising freedom of speech if he were to produce anti-semitic cartoons. this is because of data constitutional protections.....

    and bla bla bla elaborate on censorship



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