Would these two men be related? James Dorsey Nicholas and Col. George Nicholas?

I know that James Dorsey Nicholas was born Oct. of 1850 in N. Carolina and he married Rebecca Johnson in 1843 in Indiana. At some point they moved to Illinois. They are both buried in Richland county Illinois. James Dorsey died in 1886. They were the parents of 11 or 12 children--one of those was Joseph Jordan Nicholas, b. Feb 23, 1856 Richland county Il. D. Aug 28,1934 in Olney, Il

Col George Nicholas is known as the father of Ky's state constitution, he was a Revolutionary war veteran and a popular attorney of the 1700's. Nicholasville, Ky was named for him.

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    James Dorsey Nicholas--FATHER: James A Nicholas

    Birth: OCT 1815 ,North Carolina

    Death: OCT 1882 Olney, Richland, Illinois

    Burial: Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Claremont, Richland, Illinois

    Married: March 8, 1843, Olney, Richland, Illinois

    Rebecca Johnson--PARENTS: Charles F Johnson (1787 - 1849) & Elizabeth Trimble (1793 - 1849)

    Birth: 30 APR 1824 Shelbyville, Shelby, Indiana

    Death: 1871

    Children: (first 6 born in Shelbyville, Shelby, Indiana; others in Olney, ILL.)

    1.John S Nicholas (1844-1857)

    2.William Milford Nicholas (1845-1895)

    3.Elizabeth Nicholas (1847-1937)

    4.Edmund I Nicholas (1848-1940)

    5. Mary D Nicholas (1850-1890)

    6.Rebecca Jane Nicholas (1852-1853)

    7. James Johnson Nicholas (1854-1935

    8. Joseph Jordan Nicholas--b. 23 FEB 1856 & d. 28 AUG 1934 Olney, Richland, Illinois

    9. Hester Evelyn Nicholas (1858-1944)

    10. Abraham Lincoln Nicholas (1862-1862)

    11. Henry S Nicholas (1864-1920)

    12. Fletcher Dwight Nicholas (1868-1953)


    In 1789 Kentucky was not a state, but was instead a frontier portion of Virginia. Nevertheless, Congress decided to place one of the original thirteen district courts here. Although far from the busy coastal colonies, the Kentucky wilderness was growing rapidly with a variety of hardy settlers and adventurers, ex-soldiers, and land speculators. On September 29, 1789, George Washington appointed Colonel GEORGE NICHOLAS to serve as the first United States Attorney in Kentucky.

    Born in Virginia, Nicholas had been a Captain in the Virginia line during the Revolution. Before settling in Kentucky, he had been an influential member of the Virginia convention called to ratify the federal Constitution. Nicholas, "the brightest luminary" of the Convention, has been called the "Father of the Kentucky Constitution." In 1799, Nicholas became the first Professor of Law at Transylvania College, the first college west of the Allegheny Mountains.


    Highway Marker Program :

    Colonel George Nicholas

    (Marker Number: 125)

    County: Fayette

    Location: Episcopal Cemetery, E. 3rd, Lexington

    Description: Grave of George Nicholas 1754-1799. Revolutionary soldier, Virginia House of

    Delegates, Father of Kentucky Constitution, First Kentucky Attorney General, Professor of Law at

    Transylvania University


    George Nicholas

    Birth: 1753

    Death: Jul. 25, 1799

    Revolutionary War Continental Army Officer. A lawyer, he was born in Williamsburg, Virginia. In the Revolutionary War he was the Lieutenant Colonel in the Eleventh Regiment of the Virginia Line in the Continental Army. He was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates in 1781 and a member of the convention which ratified the United States Constitution in 1788. He was Kentucky's first Attorney General in 1792 and is credited with largely writing Kentucky's first Constitution. Nicholas County, Kentucky and Nicholasville, Kentucky are named for him.


    James Dorsey Nicholas

    Birth: Oct., 1815, North Carolina, USA

    Death: Nov. 20, 1866, Richland County, Illinois, USA

    James Dorsey Nicholas is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Richland County beside his wife Rebecca, but there is no longer a gravestone. At one time he had a gravestone, but it was broken and eventually disappeared.

    James was a minister and loved to preach, but was not ordained. He and Rebecca lived on a forty acre farm five miles South East of Olney. After Rebecca's death he sold the farm. He and his children, Eva, Henry and Fletcher batched for sometime. They finally fixed up a wagon with bowes and covered it with canvas and started for Kansas about 1874. A house was rented at Metz, Ks. Several trips were made to Kansas. He died in the "poor farm" in Richland County, IL.

    (I couldn't find any relation at all, unless POSSIBLY George & James a Nicholas were either father/son,brothers,etc.)

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    I started here

    1880, District 175, Olney, Richland, Illinois

    Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

    Jane BELL, Self W Female W 70 PA Keeping House PA PA

    Rachel BELL, Dau Female W 36 PA Keeping House PA PA

    Joseph NICHOLAS, Other S Male W 24 IL Farm Laborer VA OH

    James D. NICHOLAS, Other W Male W 61 VA Peddler NC NC


    5 IGI records have him

    b. OCT 1815 , , North Carolina

    d. OCT 1882 Olney, Richland, Illinois

    Father: James A Nicholas (Only 1 of 5 has father.)



    Birth: Oct., 1815

    North Carolina, USA

    Death: Nov. 20, 1866

    Richland County

    Illinois, USA

    Mount Pleasant Cemetery


    Richland County

    Illinois, USA

    (Given the 1880 entry, I suspect "1866" is a typo for "1886".)


    1850; Census Place: Marion, Shelby, Indiana; Roll M432_172; Page: 386A; Image: 346.

    James Nicholas, 32

    Rebecca Nicholas, 24

    John Nicholas, 6

    Wm Nicholas, 4

    Elizabeth Nicholas, 2

    Edmond Nicholas, 1

    So, it looks like they married sometime between when Rebecca was 16, in 1842 and when John was born, in 1844.


    1860; Census Place: Olney, Richland, Illinois; Roll M653_222; Page: 68; Image: 68.

    Jas D Nichols, 43, NC

    Rebecca Nichols, 36, Ind

    Wm Nichols, 14, Ind

    Elizb Nichols, 13, Ind

    Edmund Nichols, 11, Ind

    Mary Nichols, 9, Ind

    Jas Nichols, 6, Ill

    Joseph Nichols, 4, Ill

    Hester E Nichols, 1, Ill


    1870; Census Place: Olney, Richland, Illinois; Roll M593_272; Page: 579; Image: 759.

    James D Nickolas 54

    Rebecca Nickolas 46

    Mary Nickolas 19

    James Nickolas 16

    Joseph Nickolas 14

    Hester Nickolas 11

    Henry Nickolas 5

    Flitcher Nickolas 2


    You'll note he is born 1815, 1816, 1817 or 1818 depending on which record you choose. I was hoping to find his aged parent living with him on 1850 or 1860. I didn't. You'd have to find James A on your own, then prove he was James D's father, then see if James A was a child or grandchild of Col. George.

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    When was James Dorsey born? Not 1850. Why do you think they are related? Can you trace your James back to a Virginia ancestor?

    In order to find a connection, you would have to research both families back to a common ancestor.

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    Oh i admire Nicholas James! it is so fairly and yet so masculine:) Christopher James Johnson is superb too, very superb, yet i think of that Nicholas James Johnson flows slightly extra nicely:)

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    unless you have found the connection between them, I doubt it

    my ggggfather being a Harrison in the Virginias, Kentucky, Ohio, and many other states is not necessarily related to any of the others, and neither of my g fathers whose name was the same as a president is related to him

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    Only the DNA tests will tell and that will take some money,which I'

    am sure they have.

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    I believe that they are related.

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