First paycheck at Old Navy?

I just got a job at Old Navy. I did the training days, but then I didn't work for a couple of weeks because I had a prior arrangement. I just got my employee number so I logged onto the portal. It says I got a check on 11/11/09, but I hadn't set up direct deposit then. My question is this: was I supposed to get a check or am I supposed to get it at work or what?


Well to answer your question for the security question the answer is the first 2 letters of your last name followed by your employee number

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    Whether you have direct deposit or not, the checks and check stubs (unless you chose paperless) are sent to your store. Your manager will have your check. Ask for it. They are usually locked in the office somewhere and they usually won't remember to pass it out if you werent there on the day they were delivered.

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    Pay periods are every 2 weeks. Pay periods may be different in different parts of the country, I'm not sure. I'm at a MI store and we just got paid on 11/25 for the week ending 11/21. It sounds like your store might have been paid on 11/18 for the week ending 11/13. I'm not sure about that though. If you started on 11/23 and are the same pay period as me, the next pay check is not due until 12/9. It's possible that your direct deposit set-up will be complete by then, but I'm not sure. Either way, you should receive your 'check' - either an actual check, or deposited into your account if the set up was complete.

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    i honestly cant answer your question cuz i just started working there to but i had a question for you lol

    how did you log into the portal? like when it asks you about the security question n stuff. Did old navy give you the answer to that?

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    If your over 17 and over and have a bank account, they send your paycheck to your account. If your under 17 they will hand it to you in person.

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