How would you rate MY 10 celebrity crushes on a scale of 1-10 in terms of hotness?

I'm bisexual by the way.


Channing Tatum(my number one)


Ryan Phillippe

Leonardo Dicaprio

David Beckham


Pink(My number one)

Lady Gaga

Rosario Dawson

Stacey Dash (The black chick from Clueless)

Kelly Osbourne (I may be in the minority here lol)

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    Channing Tatum-10 (He is so gorgeous from head to toe; I've been in love with him since "Coach Carter".

    Usher-8.5 (He's not that cute in the face but his body is FLAWLESS and I love the way he dances)

    Ryan Phillipe- 9 (He developed from being boyishly gorgeous and smooth-looking to mature and sexy)

    Leonardo Dicaprio- 8 (Same as what I said about Ryan)

    David Beckham- 9 (So FINE, nuff' said)

    Hell, I'm gay but I'll rate the girls anyway

    Pink-9.5 (She's facially pretty, her body is sexy and she got swagger; she'd be my wifey if I was straight lol)

    Lady Gaga- 5 (If you're only going by looks then I'd say she's neither pretty or ugly but I like her style and uniqueness though

    Rosario Dawson- 8.5 (She needs some more meat on her bones but her face is absolutely beautiful)

    Stacey Dash- 10 (For her to be 43 years old with the face and body of a 23 year old, she is PERFECT)

    Kelly Osbourne- 8 (Many other folks won't agree but I think she is beautiful and I love her style and her noncomforming ways)

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    1 decade ago

    Channing Tatum-10


    Ryan Phillippe-6

    Leonardo Dicaprio-9

    David Beckham-9


    Lady Gaga-4

    Rosario Dawson-9

    Kelly Osbourne-6

  • 1 decade ago

    Channing Tatum-10


    Ryan Phillippe-8

    Leonardo Dicaprio-6

    David Beckham-9


    Lady Gaga-8.5

    Rosario Dawson-9

    Stacey Dash- never seen clueless. sorry :)

    Kelly Osbourne-6

  • 1 decade ago

    Pink 7

    Lady Gaga 8.5 LOVE HER.

    Rosario Dawson 7

    Stacey Dash 6

    Kelly Osbourne 6

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  • 1 decade ago

    Channing Tatum 7

    Usher 6

    Ryan Phillippe 6

    Leonardo Dicaprio 5

    David Beckham 9

  • 4 years ago

    a million. Taylor gets a 2. he's grotesque. Plus, he has Kristen Stewart germs in his mouth. 2. Trey Songz gets a 4. i'm not lots into adult adult males with hair like his. 3. David Beckham gets an 8. i admire soccer. 4. Christiano Ronaldo gets a 0. He comes off as being smug and that's a turn off. 5. Chad Michael Murray gets a 7. he's great.

  • 1 decade ago

    channing 9.4

    usher 6

    ryan 5

    leonardo 6.9

    david 9.5

    Source(s): i dont like girls
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