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goalie equipment help?

i want to be a goalie. but before i do join a team and buy all the good gear i want to get some gear to start of with. so like cheap pads catcher blocker helmat and cheast protector. like the schools buy. so would the TpS Street Hockey Goalie Kit be good enoufe quality to use.

im dont whant cheep stuff. help

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    If you haven't played goalie before, it's going to take awhile for ANY team to let you be their goalie.

    TPS Street Hockey: haven't seen it but if it's labeled street hockey that means plastic with foam (goalies like me who have had to use Mylec for ball / road hockey can relate to this) that is for use with a soft hockey ball, not a puck, inline or ice - not only is the protection insufficient but it's not the intended use.

    Would one use snow tires while driving in the desert?

    Wear a toque / beanie when it's over 100 farenheit?

    Source(s): Been playing goalie on and off over ten years.
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