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How dificult is it to plan a backpacking trip abroad?

I don't plan on backpacking anytime in the near future as I'm only 19 years old and not yet financially independent. I have, however, been doing a ton of researching on backpacking and have pretty much come to the conclusion that if and when I travel to other countries around the world, it's the type of traveling I'd love to do. Europe, Australia, and China are some of the continents that I have in mind when planning on backpacking in the future.

Backpacking offers:

authentic traveling experiences

oppurunity to getting to know locals

a sense of what it's really like in a certain country

friendly fee for your pocket

My question is, how does one plan a backpacking trip? You don't just land a plane in your country of choice and start from there, do you? What kind of planning in advanced do you do?

Also, although I've done extensive research on this subject, I still wasn't presented with any sort of information on it that I find crucial to know.


what is the budget for your average backpacking trip? (1 and a half - 2 week trip)

is it significantly more riskier than planning a luxury trip abroad?

do you stilll book hotel/motel/hostels in advanced?

is it as difficult to plan a backpacking/low budget trip than it is for a luxury vaction?

what else sorts of things should I know about both backpacking as well as planning a backpacking trip. Your knowledge on this subject is very much appreciated, thank you!

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    The only 2 things that you have to know for sure to begin your trip is what country you want to start with and when you want to go..

    When you are choosing your destinations, keep these things in mind:

    Weather - Many tropical areas can have months of continuous rain. It will be hard to get a tan or enjoy any diving if you visit during the wet seasons, although accommodation prices will be rock bottom and there will be few tourists.

    Budget - You will get way more bang for your buck in developing regions like Southeast Asia or South America as opposed to Australia, North America, or Europe. If you wish to start with Europe, start in the East where there are still some cheap places to visit.

    Time of year - Other than weather considerations, you may want to plan your travel around things like huge festivals and crowded tourists seasons. It would be a shame to arrive in a country, just missing a historic festival by days, but still paying the high prices imposed because of the visitors that were drawn to the festival.

    Political climate - The mainstream news media seems to play up the dangers of traveling abroad, particularly for Americans, but in reality there are very few places that are too dangerous to travel provided you use common sense and take the necessary precautions

    you may also take advice from travelers.

    may my source help you

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    Some people plan every little detail before they leave, and some people really do just land in the country and go from there. However you go at it, as long as you have the basic details sorted, you'll be fine. Make sure your passport is up to date and valid for a long time, if you require a visa to enter any of your countries, make sure you have that sorted before you leave, ensure that you will have access to money abroad (contact your bank and your credit card company and ask them to note that you will be travelling, so they don't freeze your account), make sure you have a good camera with lots of memory cards, and above all, stay positive, friendly and flexible!

    Source(s): I've been travelling abroad for more than 2 years. I've picked up a thing or two.
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    I suggest you to visit these website links to get some useful info when planning on backpacking in the future. You are rather young but this will help you. My advice is not to travel alone. You should go with a friend or your girl friend. In two you can save, specially on hostel accommodation.

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