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Help with College Algebra Question:?


I am need help with a quick College Algebra Question. Thanks so much for the help in advance.


(4x + 5)^3

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    This is definitely not linear algebra.

    Just foil/distribute.


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    Okay, so (4x + 5)^3 = (4x + 5)*(4x + 5)*(4x + 5). Using the FOIL method (first, outside, inside, last), you can expand (4x + 5)*(4x + 5) to 16x^2 + 40x + 25. Then, you have to multiply this entire expression by 4x + 5, which might seem complicated, but it's really not. (4x + 5) * (16x^2 + 40x + 25) = 64x^3 + 80x^2 + 160x^2 + 200x + 100x + 125. This simplifies to 64x^3 + 240x^2 + 300x + 125. That is the expanded answer. I hope this helps!

    Source(s): I have taken Algebra before.
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