This girl I like likes another guy, what should I do?

So I met this girl some time ago, she's in my class, and the minute I saw her I thought she was really cute, so I tried getting closer to her. All my guy friends said that she wasn't cute, and that she was actually kind of ugly, and I loved it when they said things like that, because it meant that there probably wouldn't be any guys that could take her away from me.

The problem is, I am sure she likes this other guy. This weekend she went out to a club, and some friends of mine tell me that she was all over him. And also (I know I shouldn't have done this) I was using her phone today to send some text messages to a friend of mine (my phone had no battery), and I peeked her messages and I saw this one text she had sent to a friend of hers saying that she had met this guy at school, and that she really liked him and tried to flirt with him during the weekend. After reading this, I deduced that she was talking about the same guys my friends had told me about.

So, what do you think, should I try and show her that I could make her more happy than this other guy ever could, wait for this to blow over or should I just forget about her and move on?

BTW, she and I get along well, and we are also going to prom together (prom works differently here in my country, they have it near Christmas, I don't understand why they do it before people even know if they pass the school year, but whatever)

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    1 decade ago
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    This is one-itis. You are hung up on this one particular girl with no apparent explanation. She has already put you into the LJBF (lets just be friends) zone and this is hard to get out of.

    Go to the mall on a Saturday and walk up to every girl you see and say "Hi. How are you?" This will give you a chance to get over a fear of social anxiety and will also allow you to meet other girls. You will find some may even stop and have a conversation with you. Get their number and call and find out if you can take them out later in the week.

    Don't settle for an "ugly" girl. Girls who aren't as attractive as their friends are not easier to get with. Branch out and get to know more girls. You should go out with at least 12 other women before you even consider this other girl as an option.

    Your first step is to try to talk to 1,000 girls. You will find it gets easier and easier as you do it. So be persistent.

    Good Luck.

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    sorry bro if she likes you she likes you if she likes someone else would you really try to break them up and break her heart? but if you like her you should try for her dude tell her how you feel ask her to a movie and when its done slip her a note telling her how you felt as you leave if she comes after you you might have a gf so congrats... sorry i guess that didnt help much but good luck either way man

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    1 decade ago

    Well if you're going to prom together.. Aren't you guys bf n gf? Tell her to stop cheating on you. Yeah go do that.

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    1 decade ago

    try to win her over. if it doesn't work then find someone else. plenty of wonderful women out there

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