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Why won't ATC direct VFR traffic directly over an airport for transiting the area?

Recent flight took me straight over KRDU at 3500. A quick climb to 4500 takes me over their class C airspace but instead I asked for VFR transit. They agreed and gave me vectors completely around the outside of their airspace. I can navigate that myself. Why won't they allow you to cross mid-field? This wouldn't effect landing and departing aircraft.


Tracy, thanks for the answer. However, I wish they'd just say "not able" or something, then you can do something else. Instead, often, they give you a squawk code and then just headings (around often). I'd rather a NO and then I can make alternative plans. Maybe I need to ask my permission/question better in the air.

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    IF you could be @ 3500 10 miles out and IF your request had been "direct Raleigh, Direct> (What ever your destination or nav aid) I am surprised they did not accommodate you. :Raleigh Durham is a very GA friendly field. It barely qualifies as a class Charlie designation as it has the minimum amount of annual traffic.That said, if your route would interfere with landing/takeoff traffic,{ runways 5 and 23} you will be vectored 5-10 miles. Crossing the field from the north west to the south east or visa versa, I have never been dined Diret RDU (Vortac).> Direct (whatever.) I usually go 3000'

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    Some zones are noted for this. The controller feels he is at his maximum load capability and simply will not accept vfr traffic for himself or the controler that he may have to hand you off too. If I'm in a area where I may change altitude either up or down to exit their airspace I simply tell them I am changing altitude and request a 1200 squawk upon exiting their airspace, then go as direct as possible my own route. If they don't want to work with you then avoid their airspace and just let them wonder.

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    It all depends on traffic and how busy the controllers and airport may be at the time. If the airport ceiling is only 4500 climb over it. There isn't alot of room under 3500 for pattern and inbound traffic and transitioning if they are busy.


    Take a look at flight aware and see the traffic might give you a better idea about why!

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    They will, but it depends on the airport and their arrival/departure lanes (not only for that airport, but others in the area). RDU will very rarely vector you over the top, even at 9,000ft (I flew freight from Charlotte to Norfolk over RDU for over 1yr) because it may interfere with approaches from the North East into Charlotte. However, in Tampa, controllers will always allow transition over the East-West runway for traffic to or from St Pete/Clearwater as long as you've given them enough notice - if departing PIE you need to request it with Clearance delivery on the ground so they can vector you. Similarly, from LGA (La Guardia) heading West you are not only allowed to transit overhead Teterboro, you HAVE to, to fit in with all the departures/arrivals at the New York airports.

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    in case you may desire to pass to dodge site visitors, then accomplish that and propose ATC of your strikes right this moment (start up the maneuver first, then touch ATC, in case you may not do the two on a similar time). you're in charge for the risk-free practices of your flight, and that accountability overrides all policies. as quickly as the conflict is resolved, you may return on your assigned heading and altitude. even nonetheless, if the site visitors is 5 miles away, you may unquestionably touch ATC, propose them of the aptitude conflict, and ask for revised classes first, until eventually now maneuvering. except you're in an drawing close venture that calls which you will maneuver right this moment, await ATC to sparkling you. in case you get carry of a TCAS RA, obey it right this moment, and apprise ATC of what you're doing as quickly as you may (concurrently, if obtainable). that's unusual to get particular heading and altitude regulations in maximum airspaces, yet classification B could carry some regulations if the airspace is crowded. of course, in case you have in basic terms been informed to "safeguard VFR," you may maneuver as mandatory to dodge site visitors, clouds, etc.

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    It's not a hard and fast rule, it's at the controllers discretion. I fly out of Wings Field (KLOM), which is directly north, and under the class B, of Philly International (KPHI), and if south bound the controllers normally have me cross PHI at mid field.

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    You can do that.

    When i am flying from Edmonton to Calgary in my personal plane i transit Red deer all the time right across the top of the field.

    It all depends on where you are and how busy they are,


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