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hulk hogan vs shawn michaels? legend vs icon?

i don't get it. when shawn michaels and hogan fought at summer slam one time, they called it legend vs icon. i just don't get it. who was the legend, and who was the icon?

isn't hbk both a legend, and an icon? and isn't hulk hogan also both a legend and an icon?

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    before some days the question was roaming in my mind and i searched it in google

    it said



    coz hulk was a legend at that tym

    and hbk was new n playin very well

    he was becoming everybodies icon

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    at summerslam 06 hulk hogan had already retired. he came back as a tag team with shaun as shaun was having problems with mahammed hassan and divari. this is why he was the legend and shawn was only the icon because he was still wrestling. by the way hulk hogan should of lost that match.

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    I think it's just marketing.

    HBK was not a Legend yet.....just a back stabber.

    I mean in TNA, sting is the ICON that doesn't mean he is not a legend.

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    That was the point, the loser is the legend of WWE and the winner is the icon of wrestling

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