Do you know of any songs that....?

Are about trying to get over someone? Or finally moving on over a heartbreak? I'd prefer songs that are sung by women but it really doesn't matter. (:

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    I made a playlist when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend

    I was devestated and had no idea what I felt.

    Some are about still wanting him back...

    Here is some of it:

    unlove you - Elise Estrada

    Shattered Glass- Britney Spears

    Should've said No - Taylor Swift

    Irreplaceable - Boyonce

    Gonna Be okay - Tynisha Keli

    What Can I say - Carrie Underwood

    Over it - Katharine mcphee

    FURB - Frankee

    I dont want you back - Eamon

    You'll always be my baby - Mariah Carey

    Someday whe i stop lvong you - Carrie underwood

    Knock you down - Keri Hilson

    Watcha say - Jason Derulo

    Sour Candy - Carly Rae Jepsen

    Leavin - Jesse Mccartney

    How do you sleep - Jesse Mccartney

    Leavin - Jagstar

    Over and over - nelly and tim mcgraw

    You won't find this - Carrie underwood

    Love Drunk - Bloys like girls

    Big girls don't cry - Fergie

    Apologize - Timbaland

    happily never after - Pussycat dolls

    Shake it off - Mariah Carey

    Picture to burn - Taylor Swift -- Good one

    Undo it - Carrie Underwood --- perfect

    Better in time - Leona Lewis

    Cry me a river - Justin Timberlake

    Tonights the night - pink

    My first love - tynisha Keli

    Call me when your sober - Evanessance

    What hurts the most - Cascada

    Disappear - selena gomaz

    So yesterday - Hilary duff

    Perfectly good heart - taylor swift

    Kerosene - Miranda Lambert

    Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - Panic! @ the disco

    Available - Flo Rida -- fun to dance to

    7 days of lonely - I nine

    It's all your fault - pink

    red high heels - kellie pickler

    Songs like this - Carrie underwood

    Starts with goodbye - Carrie Underwood

    What can i say - carrie underwood

    The more boys i meet - Carrie underwood

    Forever and Always - Taylor Swift

    The outside - Taylor swift

    You're not sorry - Taylor swift

    White horse - Taylor Swift

    Potential breakup song - Aly and AJ

    My happy ending - Avril Lavigne

    No time for tears - ashlee simpson

    Little miss obsessive - Ashlee Simpson

    Hell wit Ya - Pink

    You make me sick - pink

    Mean - pink

    Why did i ever like you - pink

    So what - pink

    Thats not even all of them.

    But i think its enough to help you out.

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    try this song listen to the words.

    Best Of Me


    Chrisette Michele

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    Try Konstantine by Something Corporate

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