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請幫我將這段內容翻成中文!! 謝謝




未完成者將依規定罰款NT.10000 ~ 30000元,請所有人員務必配合




請再幫我補翻一句~~ 預約健康檢查最後期限為11月30日

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    According to the regulation of CLA (Council do Labor Affair), employees who are on the list of the annual employee health examination will have to complete the health examination before 5th of December.

    **勞委會 CLA (Council do Labor Affair)

    **本年度員工健康檢查名單 on the list of the annual employee health examination

    未完成者將依規定罰款NT.10000 ~ 30000元,

    Those who did not complete the heath examination by then will be fined from 10,000~ 30,000 NT Dollars.

    ** by then 區時

    請所有人員務必配合 否則後果自負

    Please make sured that you have complied with the requirements above, otherwise, be responsible for your action.

    **complied with the requirements 務必配合

    **be responsible for your action 後果自負


    The due date of health examination will be on 30th of November.

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    Will proceed annual employee health examination accoding to CLA

    ( Council of labor Affair ) regulation .


    For those enrolled employees, please kindly complete your examination

    by Dec. 5th.

    未完成者將依規定罰款NT.10000 ~ 30000元,

    Those who did not complete examination in time will be fined

    with NT $ 10,000 to 30,000.

    請所有人員務必配合 否 則後果自負

    Please comply with this requirement otherwise it would be at your own peril.


    The due day for reservation is Nov. 30.

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    according to the council of labor affairs' regulation,

    the health check is going to be hold for this year,

    people who are on the list needed to be done before December 5th,

    for those who didn't accomplish will receive a fine from 10000 to 30000 NT dollars,

    all people are needed to follow the rules

    otherwise consequences will not be stated

    the reservation closed on November 30th

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  • Carry out this annual employee's health inspection according to Council of Labor Affairs rules

    The personnel of list complete a check by December 5, please

    Not yet finished will according to stipulate penal sum NT.10000~30000 dollars, asking all personnels must match with

    Otherwise the result is complacent

    預約健康檢查最後期限為11月30日Reserve health inspection end term is November 30

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  • According to the councils of labor affair stipulated that handles this year staff health examination In name list personnel please before December 5 complete the inspection Completion will not have depended on the stipulation to fine NT.10000 the ~ 30000 Yuan, please all personnel by all means must coordinate Otherwise the consequence is proud





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