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how much does solar energy cost?

I believe the average is about 20,000 dollars, but is that a one time payment?? or do u pay once a year, or when ur system breaks, or what??

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    I have a 2000 sf multilevel home in a hot climate. My system cost $26K, but I got $10K back from my utility and a fed tax credit, I got $2K, but it has been increased to 30%. I am expected to break even in my 6th year, it will be sooner, because my city just approved a 20% rate increase. In general it will be a large investment that will need to be paid upfront. However several companies have a lease program that basically will allow you to pay them the amount you will be saving on your bill. So, if your bill was $150 a month and you are saving $125, you pay $25 to your utility and $125 to the solar company. Some communities are giving low costs loans to home owners that will attach to the property like a property tax, so it is a low monthly payment and they aren't out any money if they have to sell their home.

    My panels are guaranteed for 25 years. There is some maintenance involved and at around 12-15 years I will probably need to replace my inverter, which is around $1K. With rates increasing dramatically I will have at least 19 years of free energy while my neighbors will be paying double in less than 10 years.

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    Yes, Sir Bloodletter's about right with his answer. But remember, solar energy can be used in many ways. I presume you are referring to photo voltaic panels which turn sun light into electricity. This is many people's first thought when thinking about solar energy. However, this technology is still expensive and inefficient.

    Since many households use electricity to heat their water a much more direct and efficient way is to heat water using photo-thermal panels. This is now common practice accross Asia, especially in some areas of China. These panels are much cheaper too. In China, a unit big enough for a family of four would only cost a couple of hundred dollars plus installation according to the article I've posted in sources.

    In the west you can expect to pay quite a lot more, however, you'll probably get a much better quality unit for what you pay and you'll make your money back fairly quickly. After that you can enjoy free hot water for many years to come!

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    The formula for what your pay initially is: Solar panels + grid inverter + new power meter + installation - government rebates - renewable energy credits.

    Depending on your location you either reduce your regular power meter from the solar input is earn a separate feed in tariff. The feed in tariff is usually about 3 times the regular tariff.

    The output of the solar system depends on its size, efficiency and world location.

    Suggested plan: Work out your existing energy use. Become energy efficient including hot water. Calculate various sized solar systems for your location. Compare solar hot water systems. Do they have a good return on investment? If so invest.

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    If you're willing to do it yourself, a solar water heating system can be real cheap. It can be as cheap as a barrel painted black. Place barrel in the sun. Fill barrel with water. Once hot, full bucket with water and carry water manually to your bathroom/kitchen. If you want to spend a little more, install pipes and maybe an insulated container

    There are hundreds of DIY designs on the net, just google.

    And there's another kind of photovoltaic solar setup. No batteries needed. As long as the sun is up your meter slows down in proportion to the solar electricity produced. At night you go back to 100% grid power. More details in this blog entry


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    That $20k is a one-time payment. That's roughly what we paid, before rebates and credits. We got $8k back from various incentives.

    When properly installed, there's not much to break. The wiring is like house wiring, and it's pretty rare for, say, one of the outlets in your house to stop working because a wire came loose. I've seen calculations that assume the inverter is going to burn out and need replacement after 15 years. That would be a one-time expense of $2k.

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    expect to pay about $6.50 per watt. 95% of homes would have an excess of energy with 3000 watts worth of panels, that would cost just under $20,000. If you're going to spend $500,000 on a house that's not that big of an expense.

    a home can be made efficient with a few minor adjustments and only use half that much energy.

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    Solar energy is free just look to the sun,but solar panels cost a few thousands from your wallet

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    An arm and leg plus your first born . It all depends on the size and what your expecting out of it

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