Is there a heat element that can be in constant use for at least a month?

If it does, I need to know if it can produce high temperatures (500 C+) for all this long. And if it can work with very little amount of energy. If it doesn't exist can you please tell me where I can refer to in order to make one? Please don't take this lightly.


I need a electric heating element for a stirling engine. I'm thinking that if the engine produces enough current to power the element, virtually it can forever. Plus if it produces more than enough maybe it can be used as a generator.

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    An ordinary incandescent light bulb filament will get about 4 times hotter that that and you can leave it on for over a month. I'm sure that's not what you are asking though. You probably want to heat an object or a space to that temperature. This cannot be determined from what little information you provided. You will need to measure or experiment to find how much heat loss you have which will determine how much energy you need to keep putting in to make up for the heat that is leaving. You will also need to decide how fast you need to bring your temperature up to your set level which will also be a factor in how much power your device needs to be able to consume. Also, will you need to access the heated object or space during this time? Then you will need to account for the loss of heat as you open a door or insert a cold object. The bigger or more massive the object that you need to heat will determine how much power you will need to maintain the temperature.

    As for materials, if your power source is electric current, then you can use high power resistors, an actual heating element such as from a cooking stove, or even nichrome wire if you want to wrap your own element. If you decide to use nichrome wire, try to get the glass insulated kind because it is much easier to work with and prevent short circuits.

    Without knowing more about what you are building, you might even be able to use an open flame as long as it will not ignite what you are trying to heat and you can keep adding fuel. The flame could come from a controlled fuel source such as a natural gas line and heat up a ceramic or brick oven casing. This is how a glass blowing artist will keep molten glass in a ready to use oven. They cannot let it cool down without risking losing the glass or damaging the oven.

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    It depends how large an object or space you intend to heat, but 500 C is more than 900 F, and that will not take a very small amount of energy. As you probably know, a common household oven only goes up to 500 or 600 F. Are you trying to build a kiln for ceramics or something to melt metal?

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  • 1 decade ago

    You may use ordinary oven heater element but you must bury the heater with fire brick to avoid it melts down due to high temperature. For 500 C or more,better using gas heater.

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  • arlina
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    3 years ago

    The leak is why you have warmth and then no longer. comparable for the temp. analyzing. Its the heater center, specifically circumstances getting warm antifreeze and specifically circumstances getting air(from leak).Get it fastened and flushed. in case you have no longer have been given the e book for mileage service, merely get an inspection or universal examine over. that should tell what it needs. If it fairly is below guarantee, take it to a broking, if no longer, take it to a powerful close by save for a lot much less.

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