Broken old Lee pellet gun?

My granddad gave me an old pellet pistol and said it didn't shoot and that it was just Chinese junk. It was made by a company named lee and is pretty old. To cock it, you have to bend the barrel down until it clicks. It does not leak air but will only shoot a .177 pellet about 30-40 feet. I have oiled it all over and inside and have only shot hollow point pellets with it. Will different pellets or BBs help or is there another problem? Thank you for your time!

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  • C_F_45
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    Old airguns used a leather piston seal and if not kept lubricated, they dry out and crack.

    You should probably stop shooting the pistol until you replace the piston seal.

    If the piston seal isn't doing its job, the mainspring will slam the piston into the end of the compression chamber, which will most likely ruin your pistol.

    Airgun - service & repair

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    This is the best airgun forum that I know of. If you would like to do a search for info on your pistol, IMO this would be a good place to start.

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