Do U.S Marshals have to carry a gun even if they are "off duty"?

Do U.S Marshals have to carry a gun with them at all times like some agencies, such as the FBI? or are they given a choice like some local police departments to carry one "off duty" or on duty? If they can, are there restrictions on where they can carry it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Every law enforcement officer is free to carry or not while they are "off duty," but must of them decide to carry just in case.

    Usually there are no restrictions for them as long as they don't leave the jurisdiction for which the gun was given.

    Technically, law enforcement officers are never 100% "off duty". They can be called on service at any moment for any reason. Also they are required to put themselves on duty if they witness a criminal activity.

  • 5 years ago

    US Marshals and their Deputies are required to carry their weapons at all times. Now of course they can't take it into the white house and other obvious places but other than that yes the will carry their gun.

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