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Temperature for an African Grey Parrot?

I have an African Grey Parrot that tends to scream a lot so my dad always put her outside. The problem is we live in NY and it's really getting cold out but he insists it's not too cold for the bird. So my question is, what temperature should these parrots be kept in?

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    a parrot should be in the same temperature that in comfortable for you in jean and a t-shirt or light sweater.

    so yes, outside in november is NY is wayyyy too cold!

    if he screams, he is bored and knows its gets him attention, even if it's bad attention. try spending more time with him and giving him a variety of toys. african greys are very very intelligent - if a 5 year old child would get bored in his cage, so will your parrot!

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    better be inside now or kiss the gray good by.the gray screams because he is bord ,lonely,the gray is the smartest parrot known u better learn what to do before he becomes dangerous to himself and others first plucking,screaming,self mutalition,they without proper stimulation can and develop a mental problim and that leads to problems,lots of problems,go to the for the info u need to save the gray and get a book (newer the better)and find a book on behavour to help

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