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Please help me choose which book to read?! thanks (:?

Toni Morrison-Beloved; Sula; The Bluest Eye

Lalita Tademy-Cane River

Maya Angelou-I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Zora Neale Hurston-Their Eyes Were Watching God

Richard Wright-Native Son

Lorraine Hansberry-A Raisin in the sun

Ralph Ellison-The Invisible Man

Alice Walker-The Color Purple

Ernest J. Gaines-A Lesson Before Dying

Saul Bellow-Herzog; The Adventures of Augie March

Bernard Malamud-The Natural; The Fixer

Chaim Potok—The Chosen

Michael Chabon-The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay; The Yiddish Policeman’s Union

Maxine Hong Kingston-The Woman Warrior

Adeline Yen-Mah-Falling Leaves; Chinese Cinderella

Amy Tan-The Joy Luck Club

J.D. Salinger-The Catcher in the Rye

John Steinbeck-The Grapes of Wrath; East of Eden

Kurt Vonnegut-Slaughterhouse Five

Cormac McCarthy-The Road

Dave Eggars-You Shall Know Our Velocity

Sherwood Anderson-Winesburg, Ohio

which book is the most interesting and easiIy abIe to comprehend

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    I personally suggest either of Steinbeck's or Winseburg, Ohio, which is a must if you want to understand the development of the 20th century short story.

    That said, perhaps The Catcher in the Rye - you won't be able to when your older - Holden will just piss you off.

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    The Joy luck club is probably the most easy to comprehend.

    BUT, Maxine Hong Kingston-The Woman Warrior is ridiculously awesome. As is Kurt Vonnegut-Slaughterhouse Five, J.D. Salinger-The Catcher in the Rye, and Alice Walker-The Color Purple.

    Really you should read them all.

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    1984 is a wonderful book that everyone should read at some point in their lifetime. It is about politics and corruption and how the masses can be swayed by dictators into thinking that they are acting "for the best interests of the people." It is 269 p. long. Northanger Abbey is typical Jane Austen with a Gothic twist. A poor, naive girl from a large family goes with friends to "society," where she makes friends and learns about people. There is a mysterious house, dark, mysterious people, and love interests. Quick, easy read. Dracula is long, but the reading goes quickly because the story is exciting. Told in diary format by multiple characters, readers get the plot from various perspectives. Hope this helps!

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    Catcher in the Rye, The Joy Luck Club, and The Road are definitely my favorites out of this list. You would probably like Catcher in the Rye - many do.

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    The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay

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    J.D. Salinger-The Catcher in the Rye

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    The Percy Jackson series is really good. I also agree on The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. The book is AMAZING.

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    a lot of great books there but i <3 catcher in the rye or the colour purple

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    depends on what you enjoy, but personally i would reccommend chinese cinderella because ive read it, and the catcher in the rye because its apparently a classic and my boyfriend reccommends it, and east of eden because i just read the plot line and it sounds fascinating

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    catcher in the rye is a great book

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