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urine on microfiber suede couch?

the boy i nanny is visiting and had an accident on my couch. what can i do quickly to clean it? dont have any way of getting any products until next week...

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    Use white vinegar diluted in water. QUICKLY!

    Source(s): works great for dog urine
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    ooo. Gosh....without any cleaning products there isn't much you can do about sanitizing it. All I can recommend is that you get a wash cloth and some Hot water with maybe a tad bit of laundry soap and dip the rag in the water...ring it out, and pat the urine spot with good enough pressure that the rag soaks up the urine, ring that out then repeat the process from dipping the rag in the hot water, ring it out, then pat the urine.

    Do that till most of it is gone...till you can get some cleaning supplies...I would recommend letting anyone sit on the couch. And beware! If you don't sanitize it as soon as you can...when the urine dries, it will be stinky. Then you will have to Vacuum wash it.

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    Call Service Master or some other service and get it cleaned professionally. Your other optoin is to live with the stain until you get a new sofa.

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