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i want to create an original flawless look in my eyes. i need some eye makeup tips. i have eyeshadows and eyeliners of all different colors.water proof mascara and thats basically it, i wear chapstick, not lip gloss and i really want my eyes to be the focus. i have bronze colored skin and brown eyes. i need specific tips on order, tools i need to use, and whatever else!

i'll post pics of what i like on celebs and stuff, if i find some. please help!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. Liquid foundation to create the flawless look for your skin

    2. Get a light beige color (i recommend the first color on top in the Wet & Wild Sand Castle palette)

    3. Put the light white/beige all over your lid.

    4. Take a light brown and blend it all in your crease with a crease brush.

    5. Get a dark brown and put it above your crease and make a sideways v with it connecting it from a little above your crease all the way down to the outside corner of your eye. BLEND.

    6. Line your eyes w/ black.

    7. Take the same brown u used for above your crease and take a small little brush and put it on the bottom outside corner of your eye and go a all the way to the middle underneath your lashes. Blend. this makes it a smoky eye popping look.

    8. Take the white/light beige u used for your lids and put it around the inside corner of your eye

    9. LASHES

    & voila ! =)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Heres a lil tip:

    apply volumizing mascara and separate your lashes with a pencil so they won't look all clumpy

    also, olive green eyeshadow looks great with brown eyes and tan skin

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