this question is from Analysis Of Variance in statistics..please help me..thank you?

In order to aim advertising dollars, a survey is done of 5 flavours of can pop to determine whether different ages prefer different flavours. The ages of 4 people preferring each flavour were recorded. An ANOVA analysis was done to determine whether there is a difference in mean ages, resulting in F =3.4.


df numerator =

df denominator =

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    DFn=k-1 where k is the number of groups

    DFd=N-k where N is the total sample size

    DFn=4 - 1 = 3

    DFd= 20 - 4 = 16

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  • fleury
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    3 years ago

    once you're evaluating 3 or greater inhabitants ability.. to furnish you an occasion: > Say you amassed a random pattern of the GPAs of sophomores, juniors and seniors in extreme college (so which you have 3 populations), and you needed to work out if the traditional GPA became the comparable for all grade ranges. you will do an F-attempt to attempt the null hypothesis that all and sundry 3 populations have the comparable GPA typical. desire that's clever:-)

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