question about farmville mystery eggs?

I'm wondering exactly how these work. *****Say I decide to spend the money on a golden chicken. Every 'mystery egg' that that chicken hatches will go to a friend, and I will not be able to use it to get a hot tub or another golden chicken so I won't have to spend money on another one-is this right?******* Also I have had a chicken coop for about a week been emptying it every day (I have brown chickens and white so far) and so far- no mystery eggs. Am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you!

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    FarmVille Mystery Eggs are awarded randomly from chickens inside your new coop. The more chickens you have in your coop, the more often you could be rewarded with a Premium White Mystery Egg (white, brown, black or gold).

    When you are awarded one of these Mystery Eggs, you will have the option to post it to your feed and share with your friends. Up to 5 friends will be able to claim an egg to crack open.

    Different color chickens give you better eggs.

    Premium Mystery Eggs come in 4 colors – White, Brown, Black and Gold. Here are some prizes you can get from these mystery eggs.

    Premium White Mystery Eggs:

    * Chicken Coop (If you don’t have one already, you should have one, DUH!)

    * White Chicken

    * Brown Chicken

    * Garden Gnome

    * Pink Flamingo

    Brown Mystery Eggs:

    * Brown Chicken

    * Black Chicken

    * 1 Fuel refill

    Black Mystery Eggs:

    * Black Chicken

    * Golden Chicken

    * 10 Fuel Refills

    Golden Mystery Eggs:

    * Golden Chicken

    * Tree Swing

    * Hot Tub

    * Fire Pit

    * Golden Gnome

    * 20 Fuel Refills

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