$200 gift for teen girl?

Not an ipod, TV, uggs, laptop, coach purse, or camera [she doesn't have all of these things, but some of them she can't have for certain reasons.] Gift card is not an option. Thanks!

oh- and no phone either, and she can't donate to charity [she already has this season and the gift giver really wants to give the gift]


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    1 decade ago
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    Well there is the iPod Touch. I know you said no iPod, but you can use the internet, listen to music, use YouTube, and even text your friends on their phones with it! You can also download her a bunch of games on for $5 or cheaper! If this doesn't help, then how about a straightener if she has curly hair. You could also just go out and buy her some neat clothes. You could get her some jewelry like rings or necklaces. Or a neat scarf because that is supposedly "in" this year. I hope this helped!

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    How about a sewing machine? or if she is not that sort of girl then maybe a dressing table and some make-up? Or perhaps a handheld games console (DSi , PSP etc.) or maybe a selection of things like an outfit from her favourite shop, some books, some DVD's, some make-up, maybe some jewellery and some other things that she likes!

    I really hope that this really helps!

  • fipps
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    4 years ago

    howdy per probability some jewelry or clothing on account which you could by no ability go incorrect with those issues and any teenager woman will constantly needs greater clothing or jewelry! examine out the tiffany and co web site because of fact they have truly quite jewelry. i like their necklaces that say please return to tiffany and co because of fact they are elegant and chic. I only have been given one for my birthday and that i like it. clothing is likewise great. per probability get a sort of clothing like denims, tops, pajamas...Or in case you decide on some clothing a splash greater pricy get a juicy velour tracksuit. happy holiday journeys

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    1 decade ago

    Nintendo DSi!! It can do so much stuff! Take pictures, play music and Wi-Fi. Buy her a game to come with it and that pretty much covers you!! :D Happy Holidays!

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  • 1 decade ago

    iPod touch.why can't your daughter have it seriously.thats what im getting for christmas and i'm a teen.:p. make your daughter happy.if your daughter can't have all these things then her life is pretty boring im sorry to say.

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    1 decade ago

    Get her a Tiffany&Co. bracelet. Every girl loves Tiffany.

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  • 1 decade ago

    itouch, it has so much cool apps but you can't call people on it. Wii, Xbox, nontendo Dsi, makeup, and jewelry! HAPPY XMAS! ;)

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