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Why do Mormons get a dreaded look when you mention a Man named Solomon Spaulding?

Why are they so frustrated about this late Author?

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    Most have no idea who he is. The ones who wrote the response at the link above at FAIR sure don't.

    There has been a lot of development of the Spaulding theory over the last 20 years, and Mormons who know what it is studiously avoid learning about it.

    After all, it'll be bad enough when they have to admit that the Book of Mormon could never have happened (as science has already shown), but to admit it was from a stolen manuscript would be just too humiliating.

    But given all the problems with the Book and their church, Spaulding is the least of their problems. There is no reason for them to worry about it.

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    Most likely because of his parody (correction -- story -- I need to get my facts correct) that a number of critics claim was the source for the Book of Mormon. A reading of both reveals that it was nothing more than just that ... a story and not the source.

    It should be noted that the Mormon Church is targeted the same way the Catholic Church is targeted. People who don't like them often use whatever is convenient to denigrate the targeted religion. Spaulding, along with a number of others, is often credited with this thing or that the same way that Catholics are targeted for worshiping Mary or the Pope.

    Half truths are often used for nefarious purposes -- just look at the mud-slinging that goes on during almost any of today's political elections. Sound bits are clipped from more complete speeches, a person's heritage is questioned because someone thinks it might gain political election over just saying what one supports...

    It has reached the point where this old timer looks at such things with a lot of disfavor. I've come to the conclusion that the person who talks about what they believe in and _not_ their opponent, will get my vote even though I may not agree with their position on a number of matters.

    I agree with Universal Pantheist in the matter of Spaulding. Give him the B.A. for his response.

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    I am not frustrated about him. Big deal. He wrote a book with Romans in it that fled to the Americas. I've read some of the Spaulding text that is available on the internet.

    I think more of the frustration is the fact that people claim that their is a Second manuscript out there that supposedly proves the Book of Mormon is a fraud. Have any of the critics of the Book of Mormon ever found that manuscript yet?

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    Most Mormons have no idea who Solomon Spaulding is.

    The look you see is probably confusion.

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    permit’s see: Joseph plagiarized the Solomon Spaulding Manuscript, A View of the Hebrews, and different writers of the day. or perhaps Shakespeare. it is likewise claimed that The e book of Mormon grew to become into the fabricated from Joseph's fertile mind's eye. So it is it? i discover it exciting that as quickly as any of those claims are proved fake, the critics charge that the record(s) in question isn't the main suitable record, however the critics are on no account waiting to produce this ‘maximum suitable’ record. one factor you may submit to in suggestions additionally, is the pages that have been stolen. Joseph grew to become into instructed to not retranslate them because of the fact the critics had altered them to make claims against the church. those might desire to definitely be claimed to be some lost transcript of a distinctive author which Joseph copied. the main important difficulty with those claims is that as time is going by, there is further and added information coming to mild which proves the e book of Mormon that have been unknown to the inhabitants interior the 1800s. interior the 1800s southern Africa grew to become into ‘oftentimes occurring’ to be a barren barren region without oasis by any ability. With the creation of satellite tv for pc imagery, those oasis have been got here across and one, Wadi Sayq which suits the define interior the e book of Mormon. Following the course Lehi and his team traveled from Jerusalem to that wadi and the places they provide up have been stumbled on, additionally unknown interior the 1800s. there is likewise the Hebraisms and Chiasmus interior the e book of Mormon which no author interior the 1800s used, because of the fact they weren't rediscovered until the Nineteen Nineteen Twenties. Plus, courses which examine writing varieties and authorship of books have desperate that the e book of Mormon grew to become into written by diverse authors, none of them Joseph Smith or the different author of the 1800s. Critics decide to ignore those issues, even claiming that they have been made as much as sway their readers and believers from see what grew to become into rather made up. And for human beings that declare that Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith deliberate this at the same time. Oliver Cowdery grew to become into in a distinctive state organizing his own faith while the e book of Mormon grew to become into printed. He did not meet Joseph until months later.

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    Maybe he made a good point about the absolute fraud that is mormon. I seriously think i'd believe Scientology before Mormon

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    you do realize all christians are as crazy and gullible as mormons right?

  • I don't think they get to upset about it...

    Source(s): As an ex-LDS, it was never that big a challenge. As an atheist, I think we should be factual in our criticisisms of all religions.
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