To what extent does Nepal benefit from tourism?

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    Tourism in Nepal involves a large section of its general population. It constitutes Nepal's largest service industry. The tourist industry employs 42% of the total working population in Nepal. It is the main source of economic sustenance after agriculture. Many Nepali people depend upon foreign tourists for their livelihood. The growth of organized tourism in Nepal has given rise to higher wages of the Nepali population depending upon tourist activity for their economic sustenance. Nepal tourism is bolstered by the presence of the highest mountain in the world-Mount Everest. The country also is home to 8 of the10 highest mountains on earth. Nepal acts as a veritable magnet for persons following an active lifestyle. Mountaineers, rapellers and ski professionals regularly visit the country to hone their professional skills. The tourism industry in Nepal is responsible for a large portion of the foreign exchange coming into the country.

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    In July of 2009, the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal published 2008 revenue statistics for tourism in Nepal. The 2008 total of gross foreign exchange earnings in convertible currency from tourism earnings was 351,968,000 (U.S. dollars), a remarkable increase of 52.6% over a healthy 2007.

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