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True or False: Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are the best acts to come from American Idol...?

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    This is the best music thing with any connection to American Idol:

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    (Go ahead. Somebody try to say I'm wrong... heh heh)

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    definetely kelly clarkon over carrie underwood. i understand the two one in all them make quite uninteresting song yet atleast there's a splash originality to Kelly Clarkson. Carrie Underwood only makes that song you think of you have heard previously yet won't be able to truly pinpoint who it truly is. it truly is on account which you have heard it previously, she makes the comparable usa song we've heard for the previous 10 years, uninteresting and uninteresting song praising "The Lord Jesus Christ". She additionally has 0 character. i easily think of carry Underwood is possibly the worst contestant to win so far. My in demand became Fantasia

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    They are good but lets not forget Clay Aiken, David Cook, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, Josh Gracin and David Archuleta too.

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    Plus Jordin Sparks,


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    They are certainly the most successful, but that doesn't mean that they are the most talented. You could make a case that other winners like Jordin Sparks or Fantasia were better singers.

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    Yes and Chris Doughtry.

  • No. David Cook, Daughtry and Adam.

  • True, But Hey, You Can't Forget About William Hung, LOL. lol. lol. lol. lol.

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    it's up to personal opinion... :D

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