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Is it racist to fly the Confederate Flag?

Is it racist...........or is it a way to show you're proud of your heritage?

My High School's mascot was called The Rebel...........Our sports teams were the Rebels and Rebelets.

People waved the rebel flag(confederate flag)when we got a touchdown.

We wore Heritage t-shirts with the CF on them.

But,We never thought anything about it.

We never thought it was racist.....And I'm most certainly not racist.

Is it just people who aren't from the south that think the flag is racist?........Because they don't understand Southern Heritage?

I really don't know................So please give me your opinion.

And btw I'm not from some hick town full of rednecks.

I am from Tennessee,south of Nashville.


Bev,I'm not trying to stir sht...............It's just evey since Obama was elected it seems theres an uproar about it.....and I wanted you guys opinions.

Like I said,I'm not racist and neither was the people I went to HS with.

Update 2:

Future:We didn't fly in on the school flag pole or anything.People just waved it in the grand stands.

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    No, the Confederate Flag is not inherently racist. It has only been framed that way as a wedge issue by liberal groups who have pressed to have it banned, and rally liberal activism.

    Unless a confederate flag is flown in blatant support of racism or hostility toward blacks, I don't see it as racist. I see it as :

    1) honoring our history, and those who died, on both sides in the Civil War. Both sides were Americans who fought with honor and chivalry, in the war with the most casualties of all U.S. wars.

    2) Flown to manifest a regional pride in coming from the South.

    As Zell Miller pointed out on MEET THE PRESS during the 2004 election campaign, southerners enlist, fight for and die for the United States in disproportionate numbers.

    There is a sense of independence and heartfelt patriotism in the South that is seen as making us as stand out from the rest of the U.S., that relative to places like Boston, New York City or San Francisco (the latter place where ROTC and military recruitment has been banned from college campuses!), we are the real Americans, its most ardent defenders.

    It's a myth that the Civil War was fought to free the slaves. It was fought solely to preserve the Union ("to free the slaves" was postwar revisionism)

    Lincoln did not free the slaves until late in the war. And initially, only Confederate slaves were freed, not the slaves of Union officers, or Union war financiers.

    The issue has been oversimplified.

    Sincerely Yours,

    --A proud Florida Boy

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    The flag with the swastika is a symbol of the NAZI PARTY, not German heritage. So it is stupid to compare it to that.

    It depends on the person's intentions who is flying the flag. For most people, we fly it to honor our culture, history, and the people who died defending the CSA.

    Slavery was a big issue during the war but it wasn't the only one. There were a couple of union states that allowed slavery.

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    The Confederate flag was never a flag of the United States - it is a flag of a failed rebellion flown by people who by any definition were traitors, and caused untold suffering and death of Americans on both sides.

    Add to that the fact that what they were fighting about was keeping other human beings (black ones) as property to be worked to death at will. Yes it was a "State's Rights" issue - and the State's Right was SLAVERY! Word games from Southern revisionists won't change that fact.

    I know that's not the way you guys thought about it - but that's the reality of the symbol.

    Source(s): I think this claim that it's about "heritage" just don't hold any water. I think people can have stickers on their cars or whatever, but it is blatantly wrong to fly it from government buildings of any kind. And since schools are using public funds, it definitely shouldn't be used as a school sports flag or symbol - not these days anyway. Stifferl - great example of Southern revisionism. Lincoln didn't have to make a law for the Northern States - since SLAVERY WAS ALREADY ILLEGAL IN ALL THE NORTHERN STATES!!! Get a clue, please.
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  • stolp
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    4 years ago

    i admire how the main present day batch of Liberal elites do not know a thank you to alter their avatar photograph. Wow, your question would not even make experience. So, you're saying Black and Jew Racists fly the accomplice flag?

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    What people these days don't realize. Is that the confederate flag is Democrat. The left wing controlled the south during the civil war days. The Conservative Republicans controlled the north.

    So in reality..... The confederate flag is more along the horrible left wing history. Rather than the Republicans.

    The liberal left had tainted the school books over the years. That's why many Americans don't know the true history of their country.

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    We feel it's part of their history and culture. We can't change what happened, the south succeeded was more about political equality than slavery. The south had no voice, and after the civil war they finally earned their voice.

    I'm proud of that heritage.

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  • Yes, it is racist to fly the rebel battle flag. It has far less to do with southern pride than it did to be in-your-face against the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. It is a rallying symbol for whites who can't get over the end of slavery.

    Just because you were raised that way doesn't make it right. You don't sound old enough to remember the Jim Crow laws of the south. People back then thought those were okay, and history has shown them to be so very wrong.

    The flag has to go. There is a lot more symbols the south can find for pride.

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    I've never liked the south (mostly cuz of religion), and I think it is completely not racist to fly that flag. It's the flag of the United Confederate States basically, why would that be racist? The Civil War was fought over state's rights and Lincoln just wanted to consolidate Washington's power over the states. No race thing involved. Lincoln actually started a program to return the blacks back to Africa, he didn't like them at all.. So people just have a skewed perspective of history.

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    No, not unless it's treason against Britain to fly the stars and stripes

    The War and conditions that led into it cannot be analyzed without analyzing slavery, but this does not mean was about slavery fundamentally.

    Usually it's just about tradition, especially in relation to anti-federalism and for succession.

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    To most Americans, it symbolizes racial hatred and anti-patriotism, and it is just a big no-no.

    To many Southerners, it seems to be, at least in part, more symbolic of southern cultural unity.

    So, I think it means different things to different people.

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