Astronomy or Biological Anthropology?

I'm a Senior in high school taking classes at the local college. I need to take a science class but I can't choose between Astronomy and Biological Anthropology (a 200 level class)! Astronomy is apparently loads of fun and easy to pass, but Biological Anthropology would be interesting. Both classes have good teachers. Biological Anthropology is slightly less expensive because it is a 5 credit class while Astronomy is a 6 cr. class. Also, the book for Anthropology is less expensive. But should I wait until I'm actually in college to take a 200 level science class? Astronomy would be an easy A.



The school I'm attending is actually a college and the credits transfer easily to all the colleges I am applying to next year so that's not something I'm worried about.

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    Astronomy courses at community colleges -- I assume that's what you mean by "local college" -- are traditionally much harder to transfer, both because of content issues and also the fact that many four-year colleges don't have equivalent low-level introductory courses. (The same is true for many introductory physics and chemistry courses, for what it's worth. Most introductory 100-level sciences at community colleges just don't match up to four-years, unfortunately.) The fact that you're saying it's an easy "A" just backs that up, and when colleges look at the syllabus, they're going to recognize that and potentially deny you credit because of it. So even though it's a fantastic subject and the class might very well be a lot of fun, it may not be worth the investment in terms of time and tuition.

    A 200-level biological (or physical) anthropology really shouldn't be too bad for you if you've taken biology in high school -- in fact, very few colleges or universities even put biology pre-reqs on introductory physical anthro courses. Even though it's going to involve a lot of biology, it's going to be taught from a social sciences perspective as an anthro course. I'm a cultural anthropologist who had very little biology background as an undergrad, yet I still passed physical anthro with no major struggles and actually ended up enjoying it quite a bit. As a high school senior, it might be a good experience to try out a slightly harder class and get a feel for what you can expect down the road. It will probably also transfer better, particularly as a 200-level class, and it will look better (as a 200-level) on your college applications than a 100-level.

    EDIT: I'd still go with the Anthro course. Transfer odds will still be better, even if the other colleges all offer astronomy (which would be very unusual, and the challenge of the 200-level will be better for you than what you've already admitted is an easy course. The only way I'd say to go with Astronomy would be if you know that science is an extremely hard subject for you, which it doesn't seem to be, because in that case it might help you meet general education requirements when you transfer.

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    I wonder where in the world you get the idea that any of the sciences you state have been "torn down". When and how? I think some creationists like to delude themselves (or are just in denial) that the writers of Scripture (and the thousands of scribes and translators over the centuries) were fallible humans capable of error and misinterpretation. While the source of Scripture may have been divine, the lack of knowledge and understanding of those ancient humans led to human-interpreted writings as best they could understand and communicate. Then there is science - it has strict rules for experimentation and proof and has rigid requirements for documenting and reporting information. And science is self-correcting - new data, when independantly proven to be accurate, will replace or revise older theories.

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