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What Do You Think Of My *Revised* List Of Favorites For GIRLS?

First and foremost, I have SEVERAL people to thank for the re-shaping of this list, including contacts like edfh_ak, Noelle, miss kirs, annabel lee, King Of Queens, and others. These are the revised names, as well as those you didn't get to see before. Please rate the names out of ten, and feel free to comment on as many or as few as you like!

Lydia Joy

Verity Ruth

Felicity Kate

Rose Evangeline

Clara Josephine

Cora Emmeline **

Camilla Audrey

Nora Magdalene (mag-duh-len)

Ivy Madeleine (Mad-uh-len)

Leah Antoinette

Miriam Eve

Alice Matilda

Hallie Rosette (Hah-lee, like the actress)

Celia Margaret / Marcheline (marsh-eh-leen)**

Charlotte Emmeline**

Laurel Anneliese**

The names with ** next to them are the ones that are subject to change. I'm not sure I'm in love with Cora, so its a toss up between Cora Emmeline and Charlotte Emmeline. How do you feel about Charlotte Emmeline? Does it flow? I also don't know about either middle name with Celia, we'll see.

There were some previous concerns about names ending with 'ah' and beginning with the same sound, such as in Camilla Audrey and Leah Antoinette, but since the combinations honor family, I've determined I'm fine with that for now.


All middle names are family names, so they have to stay. I have Auden as a boy's name on my list, traditionally its masculine, but I do appreciate your honesty and difference in naming style.

Update 2:

edfh_ak: Thanks so much for your in depth answer, as always. Its lovely to hear the history behind these names! My husband "feels your pain" as far as Miriam goes, he doesn't really like it either, but he's very fond of Eve.

Update 3:

edfh_ak: its funny that you have Ruth Evangeline on your favorites list, that was the combination I had until just recently

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    I don't think I've ever seen a list this wonderful.

    Lydia Joy - Too gorgeous for words! Lydia is a favourite of mine, I think it's lovely and feminine. An ancient place-name, also seen in the New Testament and in Jane Austen, the neglected Lydia is slowly beginning to be appreciated for its history and haunting quality. Even though Joy is a virtue name, it is pretty much the only virtue name I'm fond of. Joy is lovely, and sounds wonderful paired with Lydia.

    Verity Ruth - If you love Puritan virtue names and want to move beyond Hope and Faith and even Charity, this is a wonderful choice, both for its meaning and its sound. A rare find here, though occasionally used in England. Ruth is a name I've recently started to love. I added it to my name list paired with Evangeline. With its air of calm and compassion, Ruth was the second most popular name in 1900, then faded away. Parents tiring of Rachel and Rebecca might want to give it a second thought. It deserves to make a comeback.

    Felicity Kate - Like I've told you before, I'm not a fan of the name Felicity, though I can't fault it in any way. As accessible as Hope and Faith, but more feminine -- and dare I say happier. It has a lovely and positive meaning that is irresistible. As pervasive as Kathy was in the 1950s and 1960s, Kate has been in more recent decades, both as a nickname for Katherine and Kaitlyn and as a strong, classic stand-alone name, with an image that's independent, smart, and energetic. This combination overall is just beautiful.

    Rose Evangeline - Glad to see someone using Rose as a first name. Beautiful and refreshing in the first name slot, boring and exhausted in the middle name slot. This old-time sweet-smelling flower name has had a remarkable revival with parents finding it the perfect connective, with more color and charm than old standbys like Sue and Ann. Evangeline is great, as well. Old name on the brink of a major comeback, via religious overtones, and the popularity of its cousin Eva.

    Clara Josephine - Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Clara is a European-sounding Claire variation that was hugely popular a century ago, and is just starting to revive today. I definitely believe it deserved a majour comback! Increasing numbers of parents think that, though not conventionally pretty, Josephine does have class and character and a gently offbeat quality -- which adds up to style. Also boasts more than its share of lively nicknames, including Jo, Josie, Fifi and Posey. It first came into fashion with Empress Josephine, Napoleon's first wife. I think it's beautiful, despite it's old fashioned and withering nature.

    Cora Emmeline - I adore Cora. A lovely, old-fashioned name -- she was a daughter of Zeus and the heroine of The Last of the Mohicans -- recently rejuvenated and strengthened by its contemporary-feeling simplicity. I think it sound wonderful next to Emmeline. Both names have a strong and distinct sense while still managing to maintain their femininity.

    Camilla Audrey - The Spanish Camila, pronounced ka-MEE-la, is the fastest rising version of this ancient Roman name, but recent royal Camilla may have helped promote the British brand. In Roman myth, Camilla was a swift-footed huntress so fast she could run over a field without bending a blade of grass. I quite like it, and have it as a middle name on my list. It sounds beautiful paired with the empowering and feminine Audrey.

    Nora Magdalene - I love the name Nora. This lovely, refined name conjures up images of Belle Epoch ladies in fur-trimmed coats skating in Central Park, the independent Ibsen heroine of A Doll's House, and the female half of the witty Nick and Nora Charles duo, adding up to a most desirable choice. I love it as a name on its own and as a nickname for Eleanor / Eleanora. Magdalene is simply gorgeous, and sounds lovely as a middle name for Nora.

    Ivy Madeleine - Such a nice combination, that is pleasant to the eye as well as the ear. Ivy is a quirky, offbeat, energetic century-old name enjoying the beginnings of a deserved revival. The clinging vine has an interesting history: ancient Greeks presented an ivy wreath to newlyweds as a symbol of fertility. One of the more refined and desirable flower names, in my opinion. Madeleine sounds nice as the middle in this pairing.

    Leah Antoinette - For several years now, this serene biblical name -- Leah was the sister of Rachel and first wife of Jacob -- has been gaining a considerable following as a less common alternative to Sarah or Hannah, Rebecca or Rachel. A marvelous choice, I believe. I quite like Antoinette. Not nearly as out of style as its cousins Babette and Nanette. Love it as a middle name for Leah. The flow of this name is great.

    Miriam Eve - Miriam I've never been fond of. Despite my love for old fashioned and traditional female classics, I just can't get past the image of an old woman with too many cats when I hear / say this name. Such a horrible association I know, and I feel like this should be a favourite of mine. The middle name Eve gives it a somewhat quirky edge, however. I love it.

    Alice Matilda - A classic name that's both strong and sweet, Alice has been getting attention as Tina Fey's choice for her daughter. Bonus: it's a darling of literature, from the immortal heroine in Alice in Wonderland to fine modern writers like Alices Munro, Walker, Sebold, Hoffman, McDermott, Adams, and Elliott Dark. Love it paired with Matilda, which is a name that I've been considering more and more every day for my name list.

    Hallie Rosette - Hallie -- it rhymes with alley and is not to be confused with Hailey or Holly (that's always what I end up telling people once I suggest this name for them) -- is one of those comfy nicknam-ish names that are in style in these complicated times. I like it. Rosette is a new one . . . Haven't heard that in a while! I love that name, and it sounds wonderful next to the modern and spunky Hallie.

    Celia Margaret / Marcheline - Love both of these pairings, but especially Celia Margaret. Underused today, but splendidly sleek and feminine, Celia was scattered throughout Shakespeare and other Elizabethan literature, but still manages to feel totally modern. I love it, and definitely prefer it over the name Cecelia which I find overdone and a bit confusing. Margaret is lovely as well. A rich, classic name used for queens and saints. It was replaced for decades by less starchy forms like Maggie and Molly, but some stylish parents are reviving it as an alternative to Elizabeth or Katherine. I do like Marcheline, but I'm not too familiar with it so I can't give you my complete opinion of it.

    Charlotte Emmeline - Love Charlotte, it's one of my favourite names. An elegant royal name with such varied role models. Charlotte is appealing to a wide range of parents because it sounds feminine yet grownup, sophisticated yet lush. An all-around winner of a name, in my opinion. Sounds wonderful with Emmeline. The names compliment each other nicely.

    Laurel Anneliese - Laurel takes Laura back to its meaning in nature, resulting in a gentle, underused botanical option. Love that it's a much more feminine and elegant form of the name Lauren / Laura. Anneliese is just too pretty. It conjures up an imagine of a lovely young woman. A very nice association. The pairing altogether is great and quite fitting for a female of any gender, I would think.

    I have to leave for now, so leave the boys revised list open for tomorrow. I'll answer it right away once I get on.

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    Lydia Joy--meh 5 I am not too fond of the name Lydia

    Verity Ruth--2 Too old fashioned for me

    Felicity Kate--6 Felicity reminds me too much of that crappy show

    Rose Evangeline--7 even though I hate the name Rose

    Clara Josephine--7 Not a huge fan of Josephine, but as a middle name it isn't terrible

    Cora Emmeline **--3 I hate the name Cora. And Charlotte Emmeline is really long.

    Camilla Audrey--6

    Nora Magdalene (mag-duh-len)--6 I like them individually, but that combo just doesn't flow right

    Ivy Madeleine (Mad-uh-len)--4 I don't like Ivy as a first name

    Leah Antoinette--6

    Miriam Eve--8

    Alice Matilda--6

    Hallie Rosette (Hah-lee, like the actress)--2 Too floral

    Celia Margaret / Marcheline (marsh-eh-leen)**--6 (margaret, not marcheline)

    Charlotte Emmeline**--4 Too long and Charlotte is a pretty sounding name, but I don't really like it much

    Laurel Anneliese**--8

    ETA: After some thought, Miriam Eve is my favorite

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    Lydia Joy - 7/10 - This is really pretty, I like the name Lydia, Joy isnt a favourite, but the name flows well and works

    Verity Ruth - 4/10 - It just screams old fashioned to me, not saying theres anything wrong with older names, but Verity I just can't imagine on a baby

    Felicity Kate - 4/10- Not all that keen myself but its not a bad name

    Rose Evangeline - 6/10 - It's nice, flows well

    Clara Josephine - 9/10 - I love Clara, one of my favourites. The name flows well

    Cora Emmeline - 5/10, just not keen on Cora, if it were Charlotte however, 9/10, I love Charlotte

    Camilla Audrey - 7/10 - Camilla is great, not too keen on Audrey, but family names are always great

    Nora Magdalene - 3/10 - I'm just not getting it, its not a bad name, just not for me

    Ivy Madeleine - 8/10 - I really like this, Ivy is lovely and Madeleine is one of my favourite names

    Leah Antoinette - 2/10 - For some reason I really dont like the name Leah, I dont really know why. Antoinette I'm not keen on either

    Alice Matilda - 7/10 - I love Alice, but Matilda will always remind me of the film

    Miriam Eve - 6/10 - I like Eve but not Miriam

    Hallie Rosette - 7/10 - Its very nice, I like Hallie

    Celia Margaret - 6/10 - Its a pretty name, Margaret is my middle name 4/10 for Marcheline

    Charlotte Emmeline - 8/10 - Lovely feminine name

    Laurel Anneliese - 4/10 - Its ok, I personally prefer Lauren to Laurel, Anneliese is nice


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    Lydia Joy 6/10

    Verity Ruth 3/10

    Felicity Kate 4/10

    Rose Evangeline 5/10 I like Evangeline Rose better :)

    Clara Josephine 7/10

    Cora Emmeline 1/10

    Camilla Audrey 10/10 SO cute!

    Nora Magdalene 1/10

    Ivy Madeleine 7/10

    Leah Antoinette 10/10 Love it.

    Miriam Eve 0/10 This is one of those "old" names that just doesn't work any longer

    Alice Matilda 9/10 I love the name Alice hehe. :) Juts not with Matilda

    Hallie Rosette 10/10

    Celia Margaret / Marcheline 2/10

    Charlotte Emmeline 4/10 I really DO NOT like the name Emmeline.I like Charlotte though.

    Laurel Anneliese 1/10 Sounds odd to me.

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    Lydia Joy

    Verity Ruth

    Felicity Kate

    Rose Evangeline

    Clara Josephine

    Cora Emmeline **

    Camilla Audrey - nice name. Not my style

    Nora Magdalene (mag-duh-len) - I like Nora but Magdalene screams religion

    Ivy Madeleine (Mad-uh-len) - I love Ivy and hate Madeleine.

    Leah Antoinette - Pretty name. A keeper.

    Miriam Eve - Pretty name. Another keeper.

    Alice Matilda - Pretty name. Another keeper.

    Hallie Rosette (Hah-lee, like the actress) - Sounds fakey. A character rather than a real person.

    Celia Margaret / Marcheline (marsh-eh-leen)** - I love both names, but together a bit of a mouthful

    Charlotte Emmeline** - Charlotte Emily would work better for me, but keep if a family name.

    Laurel Anneliese** Laurel is fine. Anneliese sounds like an illness.

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    I LOVE Verity Ruth, gorgeous (and fabulous meanings too!)

    Felicity Kate used to be my absolute favourite girls name combo, I still have a soft spot for it. Perfect.

    Rose Evangeline is feminine and sophisticated and classy. I love it.

    Camilla Audrey...Camilla is my absolute favourite girls name currently so I'm loving that it's on your list! ;) I'm not sure about the flow of Camilla Audrey though, both names are lovely. Adore Camilla.

    Ivy Madeleine is beautiful, and Ivy is so uncommon but beautiful.

    Leah Antoinette - I adore Leah, it's so darn pretty, but Antoinette isn't one of my favs. The length of Leah is well balanced out with the longer name though - nice name.

    Alice Matilda - two absolutely fantastic names put together to make a beautiful combo!

    Charlotte Emmeline, I adore Charlotte it's also one of my favourites, my one concern would be it's current popularity. I hate that about it. I know 4 Charlotte's under 3 years old. Emmeline has never been a name I'm keen on. I think Charlotte Emma, Charlotte Emily, or Charlotte Emme would be nicer :)

    The ones I'm not keen on are:

    -- Lydia Joy (though I definitely see the appeal)

    -- Clara Josephine (two names I'm simply not keen on)

    -- Cora Emmeline (same as above)

    -- Nora Magdalene (dislike Magdalene, its way too Biblical and old sounding)

    -- Miriam Eve (two names I dislike)

    -- Hallie Rosette (Hallie is ok, I don't like Rosette)

    -- Celia Margaret (another 2 names I don't like)

    -- Laurel Anneliese (dislike Laurel)

    I like these names, just not the combos they're in:

    :: Nora

    :: Hallie

    :: Anneliese


    Overall you have a great list and awesome name taste! :)

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    Lydia Joy - love it

    Verity Ruth - love it

    Felicity Kate - I prefer Felicity Katherine

    Rose Evangeline - love it

    Clara Josephine - love it

    Cora Emmeline ** - love it

    Camilla Audrey - the a's run together; Audrey Camilla would work better

    Nora Magdalene (mag-duh-len) - I prefer Magdelena but it wouldn't go with Nora

    Ivy Madeleine (Mad-uh-len) - love it

    Leah Antoinette - I love Leah but not Antoinette

    Miriam Eve - love it, my friend miriam went by Mim for short

    Alice Matilda - love it

    Hallie Rosette (Hah-lee, like the actress) - don't like it

    Celia Margaret / Marcheline (marsh-eh-leen)** - I prefer Cecelia (nickname Celia maybe) Margaret not Marcheline

    Charlotte Emmeline** - love it, Charlie or Lottie are both adorable nicknames

    Laurel Anneliese** - I prefer Lauren but that doesn't go with Anneliese which I love

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    I'm going to be honest, and not lie like other people do on here :]

    Lydia Joy - Don't like it - 4

    Verity Ruth - I like Verity, not so much on the Ruth. Maybe Verity Anne/Fae/Rae? - 7

    Felicity Kate - Don't like it at all - 3

    Rose Evangeline - Reminds me of Nanny McPhee ... bleck - 5

    Clara Josephine - Ew? - 1

    Cora Emmeline ** - I like the name Cora - 9 - .. Maybe Cora Ruby/Annabelle? - 10

    Camilla Audrey - I like the name Audrey ... not Camilla! - Audrey Raeanne? - 8

    Nora Magdalene (mag-duh-len) - Ew, sorry..... - 2

    Ivy Madeleine (Mad-uh-len) - It's alright ...... - 6

    Leah Antoinette - No...... - 4-

    Miriam Eve - No....! - 1 -

    Alice Matilda - Ew? - 0

    Hallie Rosette (Hah-lee, like the actress) - I'm likin this :D ... - 9 -

    Celia Margaret / Marcheline (marsh-eh-leen)** - Celia Marcheline :D - 8

    Charlotte Emmeline** - No? - 6-

    Laurel Anneliese** - I LOVE THIS! <3 - 10 !

    Sorry I was so harsh .. I just wanted to be honest!

    I like the name Auden Claire :]

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    Kaden Lee - 5/10 I like it but Kaden and all the other -Aden names are extremely popular... But this is my little nephews exact name :p Landon James - 8/10 love it! Lucas Riley - 8/10 cute cute cute Grayson James - 10/10 favorite! :) Emma Sage - 5/10 love Emma not so much Sage but still cute together Aubrey Elizabeth - 10/10 love love love! :) Amelia Leigh - 8/10 also love Evelyn Mackenzie - 6/10 cute Avahleigh Deborah-Lynn - 6/10 cute My favorites are definitely Grayson James & Aubrey Elizabeth! :) congrats on your new little one and hope this helps!

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    oh my! I really like the name Ivy Magdelene it sounds really nice together.Cora josephine would actually sound cool together too. and Laurel Felicity ^_^

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