What does "Its the thought that matters" mean?

I get it, but i don't get it.

Could you please clear it up for me?


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    nothing matters but the thought that went into it. like if you get an ugly hat from an aunt for christmas, the fact that the hat is ugly doesnt matter. the fact that she loves you and bought it for you matters

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    Often it's used in a situation where someone tried to do the right thing but it failed. It's the thought that the person tried that matters, not necessarily the result.

    It's also often used when someone gives a gift that may not have a lot of monetary value but it has personal meaning for someone. Then it's the thoughtfulness that went into the gift that really matters.

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    well usually its said like "its the thought that counts."

    this means that you appreciate someone's thoughts towards you (love, affection, etc.)


    the physical appearance.

    for example,

    if a kid made you something or drew you a picture

    it's not going to be good quality.

    because a kid is not as skilled.

    however, if you look at it and throw it away because it sucks, you are not appreciating the thought/love behind it.

    people use "its the thought that counts" when physical manifestations are either crappy/absent.

    another example is,

    if some person tries to cook you dinner. he/she plans it all out, does everything, works for a long time in the kitchen,

    but it messes up and its inedible.

    will you appreciate it? or will you only look at the outcome and say, "you dont' love me because this dinner you cooked for me sucked."

    well, that's when you say "it's the thought that counts, thank you very much for TRYING."

    it's the TRYING, the THOUGHT behind it, not what you actually get physically. it's appreciating something that is not physical.

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    1 decade ago

    how do u NOT knwo what that meens? it says what it meens in the freaking sentance. but for u lesser minded people

    it meens (for example) say it is christmas but u dont have the money to buy everyone big gifts. so u just buy them something small or make something for them. it doesnt matter how much money u put into the gift. its the thought of u thinking about them. thats what counts. even though the saying is 100% wrong

    im prettey sure every single human in history would rather get 100 bucks than 1 buck dont u? people only say that so u dont feel like a total duche when u buy something lame for someone else

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    the thing is that if your a person with a good heart you wont be greedy. Lets say your a little kid and you love your mom and she gives you something that you dont really like but its ok. this means that because you love a person nothing else matters than the fact that their tryna do something for you. like your boyfriend giving you roses and you never told him you like violets more than roses. so he got you flowers, they might have not been the one you wanted but hes the one you want

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    Well it really depends on what scenario your speaking it in, for example:

    If you're talking about a couple it would pertain mostly to don't look at a persons shape and beauty but more towards their personality and their ideas via thoughts.

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    It means it doesn't really matter what u did it's just the feelings and the passion u put behind it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Even when you can't do something for someone that you REALLY want to do, or get for them...the mere thought that you thought of helping them shows you care, just circumstance stopped it from happening. It often shows us our true friends and loves.

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    1 decade ago

    I think its better to say: It's the thought that counts

    like if someone got you flowers but you don't have a vase to put them in...it was still sweet of them to get it for you

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    It means "I am glad you thought of me enough to buy a present, but the present is still not something I want or would use"

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