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PS3 Home Theatre Setup?

I have an Samsung LCD tv and a (fat) PS3. I would like to setup a home theatre system (5.1) which would allow me to hear the DTS MA / Dolby TrueHD tracks on blu-ray.

My issue is that all the receivers that I've looked at are expensive and offer many features that I don't want. e.g. component inputs, composite inputs, stereo inputs.

I just want a receiver which has 2/3 HDMI inputs, and one HDMI output and will convert a LPCM signal from the PS3 to good quality sound. As a bonus it would be good if the receiver supported HDMI-CEC so I could control the volume from the TV remote.

Are there options available to me?

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    Pioneer 918 around $300 at Best Buy.

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    not that i've heard of. the easiest way to go is to just put the white and red RCA cables into the stereo, and the HDMI into the tv. then on the ps3, you can set the video to hdmi, and the sound to RCA cables. that's what i do and it works great! also, alot of remotes have options where you can adjust the receiver's volume with it. i use my dish network remote

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