Is my wedding theme strange?

My fiance and I met in a bagel shop, so our wedding theme is bagels. Each table will be a different flavor, and our table will be the Everything bagel. We plan to have Einstein cater (for the wedding lunch) Our centerpieces are a fan of napkins clipped together behind a (that table's flavor) bagel. My husband came up with the idea and I'm going along with it, but our wedding planner joked about having my bachelorette party be Cream-cheese themed. Hearts....Callie <3


Whoops! Sorry about that! My fiance just changed that part while I was going to get coffee from the kitchen. The centerpieces are actually little vases of water with tiny bagels in them.

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    I think it is super adorable and totally unique, but make sure in your vows or something you mention, ''I knew the minute we met in that bagel shop, he would be mine forever.''


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    I think it's cute to incorporate a few bagel-themed elements here and there, but I think that making the WHOLE wedding bagel-themed is really weird.

    And that goes for -any- theme, not just bagels. Any theme is going to look stupid if you overdo it.

    Ditch the napkin favors. Who the heck would want to take home a "fan of napkins"? Give something edible for a favor (cookies, candy, little bottles of wine or syrup, etc.) or skip favors entirely.

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    properly, i spotted that rather some human beings do have subjects yet many do not think of that's a topic. Even identifying on colorations for a marriage could be a topic. as an occasion the full blue/pink with chocolate colorations or going with the accents of the season like fall and its pumpkins and colorations. i'm doing cherry blossoms for mine. not a cherry blossom overload yet accents. 0.5 of the centerpieces could have them and my cake. So the colors to entice them mutually would be easy pink, creme, and plum. The strangest subject to me isn't any subject. i'm asserting this because of the fact i'm vietnamese. rather some the older human beings decrease back in the day could go away the eating place finding the way it did. And decrease back then asian eating places have been regularly a hollow in the wall with dragons and phoenixes everywhere. It felt like it became into chinese language new twelve months as quickly as greater. perhaps in elementary terms asians will understand that. Are you having a topic? something unique? Ha Ha i admire your humorousness Blondee. I in no way understood the thumbs down element. all of us is in basic terms giving their opinion. that's not a contest of who supplies the respond you opt for to pay attention.

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    I think its a very different, and thus great theme! Might want to fo-go the cream-cheese themed bachelorette party, that just sounds silly

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    Hey! -It's YOUR Wedding, -YOU get to "call the Shots" ! :) Personally, yours sounds pretty Novel to Me (tasty- too!). Hope it turns out the Way You want... (make SURE you provide some "locks"- for Those who won't eat a bagel without Them! ). Have a GRAND Wedding ! :)

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    well if you want to have 1 thing reference how you and your fiance met, fine. so having bagel favors is very cute. but you don't have to have EVERYthing bagel themed. is he going to put a bagel on your finger instead of a ring? come on. me and my bf met at a party and played ping pong, but there won't be any of that at our wedding trust me.

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    I think thats awesome!

    and 4 a jk dessert u can have bagels and chocolate fondue! lol

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    1 decade ago

    I think it's very strange, but I love it. It's nice to have something personal to the two of you. and no one will have ever been to a wedding like it before.

    good luck with your big day!

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    LOL..........ummm hay if u dont like it then dont go with it..........u dont HAVE to go with the theme that matches the first day u guys met...................maybe do something u guys both like?

    i mean if u guys met in a cubicle would u make the theme tiolets lol?

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    Hey, whatever makes you happy, go for it!

    It's your special day.

    It's a very unique theme and I love the idea.

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