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Is there "Mad Cow" disease (BSE) in southern Colorado?

Earlier this month, multiple mutilated cattle carcasses were discovered near Los Vallejos, Colorado.

Both the local sheriff's department and the rancher who owns the cows and property report that there are absolutely no signs of attack by human or animal - no tracks or even blood.

Although largely suppressed by the American media, it is somewhat common knowledge (at least to anyone who cares to read up on such things) that "Mad Cow" disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy -BSE for short- and it's human variant; Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease, or CJD) has become somewhat of a silent epidemic in this country. To the delight of Big Pharma, CJD may be masquerading in the brains of FDA-trusting Americans as Alzheimer's disease. The Center for Disease Control lists Alzheimer's as the 6th leading cause of death, and over 10 million baby boomers will develop the disease. Alzheimer's disease is projected to cost the already-strapped Medicare/Medicaid system nearly $20 trillion from 2010 - 2050, and affects nearly half of all Americans aged 85 and older.

It has been documented in the past that such "UFO" mutilation cases are actually performed by highly trained military personnel who travel in black helicopters under cover of darkness and use a laser-like implement to cut into the flesh of these animals and remove organs for Laboratory observation to test for the presence of BSE. The extremely high heat of the precision cutting tools cauterizes the wound as the flesh is cut so that no blood is spilled. The helicopters and the cutting tools make it so that virtually no trace of these field surgeries remain.

Even with much stricter food safety standards in place than what is currently common practice in the United States (including our regular ingestion of mechanically separated brain and spinal cord particles on nearly every cut of beef), over 10 million cattle are tested annually in the European Union

... so why aren't Americans concerned about exactly what it is that we're eating??

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