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What funny things have little kids said to you?

I know little kids come up with the funniest things my friends 2 year old niece was annoying my friend the other door and my friends father went to close the door but her 2 year old niece's dad always says ''jesus'' so her 2 year old niece came out with ''don't close the door, JESUS''.

It probably dosen't sound funny but it was soooo funny.

The 2 year old also likes to climb this ladder so she did it and when she got to the top she looked around and no one said anything so she said ''CLAP''.


My brother was telling a lie and said I was lieing but my mum said amys not really that much of a lier and my brother said but muuuuuum she's a teenager

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    I asked my son what hes going to be when hes bigger he replied OLD it was so funny!!

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    Took kids on an excursion on a container ship in Sydney Harbour. Walking past a door called "Sailor's Mess". Girl asked what was in there. Sailor leading us said go have a look. She went in and came out and said, "Not very messy in there at all."

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    I was working in a school nursery with a group of children and we were making mothers day cards, the children were encouraged to draw pictures of their mums. One little 3 year old girl wanted a black crayon from the other nursery nurse when asked why she wanted to use black the girl replied I want to do my mums hair. The other nursery nurse went onto say but your mum doesn't have black hair the child replied "She does I've seen it! She's got black hair down there" as she proudly pointed down below lol. I have never forgotton the shock on the other workers face or the adamacy of the little girl as she told her haha

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    One time I was getting ready for a dance and I went to my neighbor's house to show her my dress. Her little girl who was 4 at the time answered the door, looked at me and said, " mommy there is a real live princess at the door!" I almost fell down the porch stairs because I was laughing so hard!

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    I threatened to give my 2 1/2 year old daughter a time out and in the cutest voice she said to me "hmmm, I don' fink so daddy, but that's an excellent idea" .... I laughed so hard!

    A couple of days ago we went to the mall and she met Santa. After she got done she looked up and me and said "Hey Daddy, that wasn't so bad after all!"

    What a kid!

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    My son is 2 yrs and 4 mos. And he always gets me laughing with the things he says like the other day I was doing my hair and he said " no worry mommy..... I be back "and ran out of the room. I was very worried apparently with him going to the next room!

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    me and my husband were watching a friend of his son 3yrs old- and we were watching the tv and my man was like hey move out from in front of the tv-- and the kid looked back at us and said " dont talk to me like that or ill just get up and walk home" we were both in shock it was sooo funny.....

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    My daughter is so into this show called Special Agent Oso, and one day when i told her she was driving me crazy, she quoted Oso and said "Its all part of the plan, more or less"

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